Trump Kicks Can When Asked About Amnesty

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Donald Trump’s latest explanation in what’s become a series of massive flip-flops on the issue of amnesty is that he is kicking the can into the future, sounding almost like the New York liberal he is.

On Monday, a reporter on his plane asked whether he would rule out a pathway to legal status for the millions of illegal aliens living in America. Trump said that the possibility of amnesty still exists, although the decision would be made some time “into the future.”

“I’m not ruling out anything,” Trump told the reporter. “We’re going to make that decision into the future, okay?”

On Sunday talk shows yesterday, Trump surrogates like RINOs Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie filled the airwaves attempting to spin his amnesty flip-flop as consistent with his prior positions.

But the fact remains. Donald Trump campaigned heavily and with certainty that he would have a “deportation force” that remove all illegal aliens from the country — not just ones who committed additional crimes since entering the country illegally. He doubled down on that campaign pledge last week in Phoenix only to once again have an abrupt change in his stance and supposed policy.

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Trump’s new “wait and see” approach to amnesty should enrage his sycophantic followers who believed that someone was going to finally address the problem with illegal immigration in America. Moreover, they should consider the promised “wall” to also be on shaky ground.


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