It’s On? It’s Off? It’s On? What’s Going on With Trump’s ‘Immigration’ Speech in Arizona Next Week?

One thing you can say with all honesty, no matter what your political persuasion is, is that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is definitely not conventional.

Nor is anything it says definitive — it changes with the wind.

On Wednesday, the campaign announced that it would give a speech in Phoenix, Arizona to announce his new “softening” approach to immigration with much-awaited details.

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But then, on Friday afternoon, Trump’s Arizona state director Brian Seitchik announced that the event had in fact been cancelled and when AZ Central , a leading local newspaper, asked the Trump campaign press secretary for clarification and confirmation, they did not hear back.

At 3 p.m. Friday, Seitchik told The Arizona Republic, “We have postponed next Wednesday’s visit, but we look forward to having another Arizona event scheduled soon.”

So is Trump’s Arizona event on or off?

To add more chaos, shortly after Seitchik’s claim that the appearance had been cancelled, Trump tweeted that he would be speaking in Phoenix on Wednesday:

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Several news outlets are reporting that the speech in the border state, initially slated to be about immigration, is now going to be focused on “party unity,” something the GOP clearly does not have as Trump has thus far reached out more to Bernie Sanders’ socialist army at the expense of ignoring Ted Cruz ‘s constitutional conservatives.

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Matthew K. Burke
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