Donald Trump Beheaded in New Comic Book; Media Silent

Look, I’m no huge fan of Donald Trump but I will speak against this sick comic book as loud as anyone.

Before you go off and attempt to order me to “get on the Trump Train or get run over” save your breath. Last time I looked, this was America and my decisions are my own. But here me now, a comic book depicting anyone, let alone a presidential candidate being beheaded, is absolutely sick.

Do they have the right to draw whatever cartoon they want? Of course, they do. But, this is reckless and I can guarantee you one thing. If the subject of this cartoon was Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, all hell would break loose in the mainstream media.

The comic book was published by Image Comic and is titled “Spawn Kills Everyone.”

In the comic book, Trump is standing next to a character named Red Skull when Spawn slices his head off. Spawn then takes the bloodied heads and switches them on the bodies proclaiming, “That’s more accurate! And Donald, you look great again! If I so say so myself.”


The American Mirror reports that this sick, depraved, and disgusting comic book which features the beheading of Donald Trump can be purchased on Amazon.

I wonder if they’d allow this comic book to be sold if it depicted any prominent Democrat being beheaded.

A quick Google and Bing search of the words “Donald Trump beheaded in comic book” revealed that, while many conservative outlets have reported on this story, the liberal mainstream media has not.

Again, if Hillary Clinton were the subject of this gory comic book, there would be outrage and intense coverage on the danger and inappropriateness of such subject matter.

But since it was the Republican presidential nominee….crickets.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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