Is This Kid Bully on The Andy Griffith Show Really Little Donnie Trump? [VIDEO]

Bloviating billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump has a long history of using schoolyard bully tactics to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with him or paints him in an unfavorable light (in other words, tells the truth about him, including repeating his own words).

From Carly Fiorina’s “face” to Megyn Kelly’s “blood” to retweeting a photoshopped picture of Heidi Cruz next to an old picture of his trophy wife, Melania Trump, a supermodel back in the day, Donald Trump has a problem with bullying — especially women.

We couldn’t help but notice the resemblance in the following clip from an episode of the iconic Andy Griffith Show in which little Opie (Ron Howard), the son of Sheriff Andy Griffith on the long-running sitcom, is bullied by the new kid on the block — a bigger and brash narcissist that was attracting a cult of personality among the grade school crowd, causing havoc in the otherwise sleepy town of Mayberry.

He reminded us of a young version of Donald Trump — a bully who has pushed around people his entire life to get his way — using the millions he inherited to sue or smear anyone who got in his way, as well as buying off and rewarding those who carried his water.

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Fortunately, little Opey intuitively knew how to handle a bully. You stand up to the narcissistic sociopaths — you challenge them — and they eventually back down because all of their bluster is really a mask for an incredibly fearful and cowardly person.

EDITORS NOTE: We are not contending that the bully in this short clip is really little Donnie Trump — we wouldn’t want to get sued. We are simply noting the comparison of how we envision someone like Trump spent his childhood years.

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