Donald Trump has Some Advice for his Supporters; What Do You Think?

Donald Trump is campaigning in Wisconsin, where he has seen his lead over Ted Cruz not only completely disappear, but now finds himself behind Cruz by 10% according to recent polls. On Wednesday, Trump had an open mouth, insert foot moment when he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during a town hall if abortion is made illegal, then women who have abortion should be punished. He added that women would still be able to get them through illegal ways.

This led to a firestorm of criticism from both pro-lifers and pro-abortion advocates. His campaign had to issue not one, but two statements walking his words back. One would think given that fiasco that Trump would be careful with his words. But if one thought that, they would be wrong.

During a rally on Thursday morning in De Pere, Wisconsin, Donald Trump offered some advice for his supporters that has raised many eyebrows and makes one wonder if he is intentionally trying to derail his own campaign.

“You’ll find that when you become very successful, the people that you will like best are the people who are less successful than you because when you go to a table you can tell them all these wonderful stories and they’ll sit back and listen. Does that make sense to you? Okay? Always be around unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you. Do you understand that?”

In case you doubt that these are Trump’s own words, here is a video of his advice.

Does that make sense to you?



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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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