Donald Trump Issues New Threat Against Paul Ryan

Donald Trump is convinced that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s refusal to continue to campaign for him or explain away the vulgar and disturbing Trump Tapes, which featured Trump bragging about how he can commit sexual assault and get away with it because he’s famous, is due to some sinister deal that Ryan made the with establishment.

It’s not enough that Ryan did not withdraw his endorsement of Trump. If Paul Ryan won’t stay full force on the Trump Train, excusing away and explaining Trump saying “he can grab a woman by her pussy” because he’s famous, then he must be destroyed. During a campaign rally in Florida on Wednesday, Donald Trump let Paul Ryan know that he is on his radar.

Referencing an article written by Pat Buchanan following the second debate with his longtime friend, Hillary Clinton, Trump told the audience that Buchanan said Trump’s debate performance “was the single greatest debate performance in the history of presidential politics.” Based upon Buchanan’s analysis, Trump didn’t understand why Ryan would not be praising him and doing whatever it takes, even explaining away braggadocious statements about sexual assault, to help him win.

Trump then offered his not so veiled threat to Paul Ryan.

So wouldn’t you think that Paul Ryan would call and say, good going?

In front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country.

So you think they’d say, ‘great doing Don, let’s beat this crook!’

She’s a crook, let’s beat her, we’ve got to beat her.

He doesn’t do that.

There’s a whole deal going on there. I mean, you know. There’s a whole deal going on and figure it out. I always figure things out. But there’s a whole sinister deal going on.

But, no. He’s not vindictive in the least.

After the Trump Tapes were released, Donald Trump issued a written apology then after midnight, hours after the tapes were released, issued a video apology which appeared to be lacking in emotion.

If Trump is truly sorry for his words and actions, then wouldn’t he be able to understand why someone would be uncomfortable being put in a position to defend them?

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