Trump Calls on Russian Espionage Against his Political Opponent [VIDEO]

You decide, but it looks like that is the case.

But this was more than just an impulsive tweet. Trump actually said this during a press conference.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you are able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you would probably be mightily rewarded by our press.”

For those still in disbelief or denial, watch Donald Trump call for espionage at a press conference/

Many on Twitter immediately responded.

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes called for those who endorsed Trump to withdraw their endorsement.

Another guy ridiculed Trump for his encouragement of espionage against America.

Ben Howe, contributing editor at Red State pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump claiming he would build a wall to protect America while encouraging Russia and other foreign entities to attack in a different way.

Josh Feldman, senior editor at Mediate, used Trump’s dirty tactics request on him with a real zinger.

Steve Deace, a nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host, pointed out the danger in what Trump is desiring. Hillary’s emails which were housed on the unsecured server has already been deemed by the FBI to contained highly classified information, including top-secret information.

Once again, Trump is taking the focus off of huge negatives surrounding Hillary with a crazy statement made at a press conference that he doubled down on with a back up tweet.

Instead of the media talking about the anti-Hillary and anti-DNC protests by Bernie Sanders supporters, they will be talking about Trump calling for espionage.

Instead of the media talking about the IRS investigation in the Clinton Foundation, they are going to be talking about Trump openly encouraging a cyber attack.

Is he intentionally trying to self-sabotage, trying to protect his friend Hillary, or is he just that impulsive that he says and tweets the first thing that enters his head, no matter how damaging or crazy, without thinking?

This call for a cyber attack of Hillary Clinton by Russia comes at a time when the Democrats are accusing Russia of being behind the hacked DNC emails in an effort to help Trump win the election. Trump’s wink and a nod to Russia will no doubt make that accusation get even louder today.

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