Did Donald Trump Just Declare War on the GOP?

After the release of the Trump Tapes which revealed Trump bragging about being able to grab women by the pussy, grope them, and kiss them whenever he wanted to because he’s famous, Speaker Paul Ryan rescinded his invitation to a rally in Wisconsin over the weekend. Ryan went on to say that while he is not rescinding his endorsement of Trump, he will no longer campaign for him or defend his actions. He said he would focus on down ballot races and told other Republicans they were free to do the same and focus on their own reelection.

Of course, this infuriated Donald Trump and those with blind allegiance to him. Perhaps they expected Ryan to defend Trump’s lewd and vulgar comments bragging about getting away with sexual assault because he’s famous in a way similar to Trump cultist and Tea Party fraud Scottie Nell Hughes who blamed Trump’s vulgarity on the movies “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “Magic Mike.”

On Tuesday morning,Trump took to his favorite social media outlet to use in order to lash out and attack others to do just that to Paul Ryan and the GOP. He declared that he was glad the “shackles” were removed so that he could fight the way he wants to.

Trump first declared himself the winner of the second debate according to every single poll, a claim that is not true. He obviously believes that online polls declaring him the winner means that Ryan should bow down to him.

He then mocked Ryan as weak and ineffective claiming that he has lost support of other Republicans due to his “disloyalty” to Trump, i.e. refusal to compromise his morals and principles by offering a defense of Trump’s indefensible Trump Tapes.

Trump then went in for the kill in what is being perceived by many on Twitter as being “a declaration of war on the GOP.”

Since Trump’s national spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, tweeted on Monday that her phone has been blowing up with people telling her they will vote for Donald Trump but no Republicans on the down ballot, it’s easy to see why Trump’s tweet would be seen as an attack on the Republican party.

Trump continued his Twitter rant by praising the Democrats for getting behind Clinton while chastising “disloyal Republicans” as worse than “Crooked Hillary” stating that “he will teach them.”

There you have it, folks. We are less than one month until the general election and Trump is declaring a civil war against the Republican Party once again taking the heat off of Hillary Clinton and the Wikileaks revelations that are beginning to be revealed.

Remember when the news came out that Trump’s golfing buddy, and Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton spoke with Trump a few weeks before he entered the race as a Republican and told him he could “play a larger role in the Republican party?”

If by “play a larger role” Slick Willy meant destroy it, then he was right.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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