Donald Trump Just Publicly Embraced the WORST Part of Obamacare [VIDEO]

Donald Trump at CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall, Feb. 18, 2016

Donald Trump: “I like the mandate.”

Donald Trump has often promised to repeal the “disaster” that is Obamacare and he’s right, it is a disaster.

But at Thursday night’s CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall in South Carolina, Donald Trump embraced what is easily the worst part of Obamacare, the anti-free market “individual mandate” which forces Americans to buy only government-approved health care insurance, whether they want to or not.

To justify his support for the Obamacare mandate, Donald Trump uses leftist talking points of not wanting people to “die in the streets,” as if they has ever happened in America — before or after Obamacare.

Here’s how Donald Trump answered CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night (emphasis added):

DONALD TRUMP:   “Well, I like the mandate. OK. So here’s where I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying on the streets and I say this all the time. And I say this – look, I did five speeches, maybe six speeches today. We had a lot of rallies. We had of thousands and thousands of people. I mean, we get big crowds.

Allow me to break down the “logic” of this:

  1.  Trump promises to get rid of Obamacare.
  2.  Americans are, or have been “dying in the streets.”
  3.  He wants to KEEP the worst part of Obamacare — the “mandate.”
  4.  Don’t worry, folks, because he gets big crowds and standing ovations, just like Obama did with his worshipers in 2008, and that makes everything just swell.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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