Did Donald Trump Just Reveal the REAL Reason Sean Hannity is in the Tank for Him?

Trump Hannity

FOX News’ Sean Hannity has come under intense criticism lately for his apparent bromance with Donald Trump. As Hannity has been called out for his preferential treatment of Donald Trump by people on Twitter, he has responded with profanity and insults so embarrassing that his fellow FOX News’ co-worker Dana Perino took his phone and deleted his Twitter app.

Hannity claims that he has been “fair” to Ted Cruz, Trump’s closest competitor for the GOP presidential nomination who is running circles around him with his ground game in the case of a contested convention. However, when Cruz is on Hannity’s show, whether radio or television, Hannity acts more like Trump’s defense attorney and surrogate but when Trump is on, Hannity’s behavior is like that of a fawning teenage girl.

Last week, Hannity had a meltdown on air after Cruz called him out for pushing the false narrative of delegate stealing. Hannity claimed this was the top concern of voters and he knew it based upon social media, the avenue in which Trump supporters echo the lies and baseless allegations of Trump. When Cruz begged to differ stating that only Donald Trump supporters were complaining, Hannity lost it and went off on a rant.

“Why do you do this?! Every single time — no, you gotta stop! Every time I have you on the air and I ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face. I’m getting sick of it!” Hannity hollered in a tone typically reserved for interviews with Barney Frank or Al Sharpton.

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Hannity denies that he carries Trump’s water, but a tweet of praise from Donald revealed the bromance between the two.

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Hannity gets ‘great ratings’ as Trump supporters tune in for his latest lies and propaganda.

It’s a bromance made in political opportunism and media collaboration heaven, all while Hannity denies.

It’s okay, Sean, just admit that Trump is your guy. At least then you’ll be intellectually honest.


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