Donald Trump Just Weighed in on the Kim Davis Case, and It Shows his Constitutional Ignorance

One of the concerns that constitutional conservatives and Tea Party grassroots voters have with Donald Trump is whether or not he’s grounded in constitutional principles.

On Friday, we to get a glimpse of not only Trump’s constitutional knowledge and adherence, but also what issues he would and would not fight for.

Following Thursday’s chilling news that a Christian woman, Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis, had been jailed for being…a Christian…in…America (not the USSR, Iran or North Korea), having her constitutionally protected religious liberty thrashed, the normally outspoken Donald Trump weighed in on Friday, saying that they should have found someone else to issue the gay wedding licenses, but that it was a “sticky situation” because the the recent Supreme Court decision redefining the meaning of the word “marriage” is somehow the “law of the land.”

“The decision came down from the Supreme Court, so I’m a believer in both sides of the picture,” Trump told leftist MSNBC in a telephone interview on Friday, while stating that perhaps the homosexual couple could have gone to another office to get their marriage license or another clerk could have issued it.

“The bottom line is though, the Supreme Court makes a decision — that’s the law of the land, right?” MSNBC token RINO Joe Scarborough asked Trump.

“You have to go with it,” Trump answered. “I mean, you have to go with it. The decision’s been made and that is the law of the land,” Trump argued.


There is no national law on changing the meaning of marriage. No law was voted on by Congress — no law was signed by the president. And only Congress has the power to make law. The Supreme Court has no power to invent a “law of the land.”

The very first words from Article I, Section 1. of the U.S. Constitution, are that, “All legislative powers herin granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

Sorry, Mr. Trump, five unelected, appointed lifelong lawyers wearing black robes don’t get to determine laws for the 320 million of the rest of us. The Supreme Court acted lawlessly and you should know this.

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Shockingly, Trump’s constitutional ignorance was almost identical to that one of his arch enemies, RINO presidential candidate Lindsey Graham.

“Goober” Graham also made an appearance on what seems is his favorite network, MSNBC, mirroring Trump’s uneducated and dangerous position that Kim Davis should be forced into forfeiting her constitutional rights because she works for the a government entity.

One has to wonder if Donald Trump has even read the Constitution — he never talks about it. And the last thing this country needs is another Constitution-violator.

Trump has flip-flopped on a myriad of the issues including Planned Parenthood funding, universal health care, wealth taxes, etc., over the years. In fact, he has flip-flopped on some positions in recent weeks. Perhaps he could be persuaded to reconsider his misinformed position on the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional lawlessness on homosexual marriage as well.

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Below are the brief clips from both Trump’s and Graham’s interviews. See if you can tell the difference.


And Here’s Lindsey Graham…

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Matthew K. Burke
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