This Latest Statement From Trump May Cause Even His Most Sycophantic Worshipers to Question His Honesty

Much like 2008 Obama worshipers, Donald Trump’s followers have yet to hold him accountable for anything he says or does, indicative of a cult of personality.

However, even narcissistic Trump’s most ardent supporters might scratch their heads after this latest head-snapper by the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor.

Donald Trump, the only “Christian” in world history to never ask God for forgiveness, a man who invents books of the Bible like “Two Corinthians,” now claims, in a pitiful display of pandering for the Christian vote, that he reads the Bible more than anyone.

USA Today reporter Gregory Korte reported that Trump said on Tuesday:

As one might expect, Twitter exploded with hilarity and disbelief about Trump’s outlandish statement:

Another tweep predicted the obvious, that Trump cult members will fall for this latest whopper from the real estate mogul:

And of course, we all know this to be true. Or, alternatively, they will call the reporter every derogatory name in the book, and not believe the quote, calling him a blankety-blank liar.

And when the video surfaces of Trump saying that he reads the Bible more than anyone, as it will, they will then shift to believing their “Dear Leader.”

Trump’s newfound deep spirituality — a complete hoax — will not cause him to lose support. Saying he’s Jesus Christ himself (don’t laugh, he just might) wouldn’t shake loose his worshipers.

It was Donald Trump, after all, who correctly predicted last month that he could “shoot somebody” in the “middle of 5th Avenue” and he “wouldn’t lose voters.”

“I have the most loyal people, did you ever see that? I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Meanwhile, Trump is accusing Ted Cruz of lying as he’s holding up the Bible, a really strange accusation coming from someone who basically did just that.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
A former Washington State U.S. Congressional candidate in 2010, Matthew attended the nation’s first modern day Tea Party in 2009 in Seattle, Washington. He also began writing and blogging that year. Matthew became a Certified Financial Planner in 1995 and was a Financial Advisor for 24 years in his previous life. Matthew was one of the three main writers leading a conservative news site to be one of the top 15 conservative news sites in the U.S. in a matter of months. He brings to PolitiStick a vast amount of knowledge about economics as well as a passion and commitment to the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our Republic.

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