Donald Trump Says He ‘Dreams About’ Fighting Joe Biden [VIDEO]

Donald Trump says he dreams about taking Joe Biden up on his challenge during a campaign rally in Colorado, October 30, 2016

Just days ago, buffoonish Democrat Vice President Joe Biden expressed so much hate and outrage toward Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump recently that rather than thinking about debating Donald Trump, say as a presidential candidate himself, he wishes that he were back in high school and “could take him behind the gym,” presumably to beat him up.

Of course, the Democrat Media Complex showed no disgust at Biden’s threat of physical assault (can you imagine the outrage if Trump had made the threat against Biden?) as “Joe being Joe” while chuckling.

Well, during a campaign rally in Colorado on Sunday, rather than leave Biden in the category of deserving ridicule for his remark, Trump thought it would be a good idea to join him and said that he has dreams about taking Biden up on his offer, getting baited into another response that is nothing but a distraction from hitting Hillary Clinton on issues and providing fuel for the media to focus on things other than the new revelation of the EmailGate FBI investigation being renewed.

“He called me to the back of the gym. I dream about that — I dream…uh,” Trump said, shaking his fists in front of the cheering crowd.

Trump then reenacted what he envisioned getting into a fight with Biden would look like, blowing on his hand as it fell over, to indicate how easy he’d go down if they came to blows.

“He’s down! He’s down!” he said. “He would go down so fast,” he predicted.

Trump did make an excellent point when he said, “I wish he’d talk that way to ISIS.” He could have elaborated that Obama also expresses much more anger and resolve toward political enemies than he does against Islamic terrorists wishing to slit all of our throats.


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Matthew K. Burke
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