Donald Trump Sent Marco Rubio a Gag Gift; Here’s What He Sent…

GOP presidential rivals Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have been in an epic feud as of late, with apparently the real estate tycoon shifting his attacks from the wounded RINO Jeb Bush, who has crashed in all polls, to Rubio.

Trump, no stranger to delivering personal insults rather than focusing on the issues, recently referred to the Florida senator as a “clown,” “a lightweight,” “sweaty,” and a “kid,” “who shouldn’t even be running in this race.” Trump’s “clown” accusation against Rubio received loud “boos” from at the recent “Values Voters Summit”

Marco Rubio, who has edged up in most polls of late, hasn’t let Trumps jabs go unanswered, saying last week that he had no interest in being part of Trump’s “freak show” and calling him a “very sensitive person,” who “doesn’t like to be criticized.”

Donald Trump attempted to pour cold water on Rubio’s fiery comments on Monday, making light of Rubio’s awkward water break speech, by sending Rubio a 24-bottle case of the Trump-branded “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water,” which features “The Donald’s” face on the bottle’s label.

“Water for the body and soul,” the label says. “This is water the way it was meant to be.”

On FOX News on “America’s Newsroom” on Friday, Rubio said, “Who knows what Donald is trying to do — who cares?”

Moreover, Trump blasted Rubio on Twitter the last couple of days for being “establishment” and “disloyal” to fellow Floridian Jeb Bush:

Trump, who has been criticized for being a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to conservatism, because of a variety of flip-flops on several key issues, said last week that Rubio, who has a Conservative Review Liberty Score of 80%, a “B” rating, has “got the worst voting record in the United States Senate,” an outlandish statement considering the records of radical leftists like Democrats Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer.

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