Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment’ People May Shoot Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Yes, the media is hyper-biased against conservatives (which Trump is not) or anyone with an “R” next to their name. And yes, the media is biased in favor of leftist Hillary Clinton, which is even more reason why — assuming that he wants to win — Donald Trump has got to stop giving them ammunition.

On Monday, because Trump read one speech off of a teleprompter without going off the deep end, his supporters were hopeful that after a year of campaigning as an insane person, this was the “pivot” to sanity that everyone had hoped for.

But then on Tuesday, Trump gave an interview in which he made it very clear that he was not going to change his erratic and unstable temperament because it had served him so well in the past and besides that, at least in his mind despite polls showing him losing, big league, he’s “winning.”

Later on Tuesday, an unscripted Trump, unable to control his tongue, gave an indication that if Hillary Clinton is elected and is able to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, that “Second Amendment” people may take her out.

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“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Trump told an audience at a campaign rally on Tuesday. “Although the Second Amendment people maybe there is — I don’t know,” he said.

Conservative radio host and editor of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro addressed the campaign’s claim that Trump was talking about “2nd Amendment people” voting saying Trump’s words clearly indicated he was talking about after the election if Hillary is victorious.

Trump apologists will no doubt try to defend the remarks as a joke or that he really didn’t mean what he said, “What he really means is ….” they’ll say.

And perhaps Trump’s comments could be interpreted to mean something else, which is precisely the problem. He’s had a year to try to stop saying stupid things and has proven with certainty that he can’t.

That “pivot” sure didn’t last long, did it? And unfortunately, if you’re one who doesn’t want to see Hillary Clinton elected, the comment takes a negative story about her off of the front page.

At a rally of Clintons on Monday, the father of Orlando Islamic terrorist, Omar Mateen, was seen in camera’s view, sitting behind the Democrat nominee as she spoke. Even Clinton-friendly CNN was having on Hillary supporters and holding their feet to the fire over the optics nightmare.

But as is seemingly always the case, Trump comes riding in on a white horse to rescue Hillary from bad press, just like he did with the week-long attack of a Gold Star family who had criticized him at the recently completed Democrat National Convention.

As Mark Levin said last week, perhaps Donald Trump is actually the head of the Never Trump movement.


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Matthew K. Burke
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