What is Donald Trump Up To With This ‘Leave of Absence?’ Does This Explain It?

Donald Trump hasn’t taken more than three days off from the campaign trail since November, with the exception of a six-day vacation during the Christmas holiday, before the presidential season really kicked into high gear and more than a month before the Iowa Caucus in February.

But now the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor is taking a perplexing week and a half off from the rigorous campaign trail in the midst of two polls showing his lead over constitutional conservative Ted Cruz shrinking both nationally, as well as in the upcoming primary state of Wisconsin on April 5, where Cruz has actually pulled ahead.

It’s almost as weird as former Republican candidate Ben Carson taking a break from the campaign trail in February, taking three days off to change clothes.

It is not clear why Trump would take such an extended break at such a crucial time in the presidential campaign — during the middle of the National Enquirer (an organization whose CEO just happens to be David Pecker a close longtime friend of Trump’s) tabloid smear of Cruz, accusing the Texas senator of having — count ’em — five extramarital affairs, with the only source quoted in the story being longtime henchman and dirty tricks smear merchant, Roger Stone. And considering the backlash Trump has experienced from the ill-conceived strategy of besmirching Heidi Cruz’s appearance, one can only speculate why Donald Trump is going dark.

The Cruz campaign, at least, campaign manager Jeff Roe is asking the question, and seems to have a theory. Roe took to Twitter (Trump’s favorite social media platform), and wrote a Trump-style tweet wondering if the unhinged real estate tycoon had ever had a psychological evaluation and encouraged him to release his medical records.

For all of his bombastic, braggadocious ways, Trump seems to talk a big game without delivering on specifics. Despite saying that he would release his tax returns last year, the man who has become known on Twitter as #DonTheCon still has not done so. He flat out lied when he claimed he was not able to because he was being audited.

According to Trump supporter Adriana Cohen, who recently appeared on CNN as sort of a spokesperson for Trump supporters, part of the excitement of Trump is not knowing whether or not he is lying.

Yes, that is the sick, twisted mindset of the Trump sycophants.

Perhaps that plays into not only Trump’s disappearance act for the next eight days but also into his refusal to debate Ted Cruz one-on-one.

Remember when Donald said that he wanted Ted one-on-one. Oh, how he wanted to face Ted one-on-one. He even said his signature, “Believe me” which for #DonTheCon is code word for “I’m a colossal liar so I have to plant a subliminal message of ‘believe me’ in hopes that people will actually believe me.”

Given an opportunity to face Cruz nearly one-on-one in the last FOX News debate, with only John Kasich on the stage with them whose presence would have been greatly overshadowed, Donald Trump ducked and backed out. Though he claimed he had a previous obligation to speak at AIPAC, it turns out he could have spoken on any of the three days. He just so conveniently choose the very day of the debate, then revealed his true lying nature when he agreed to a town hall on CNN…on that same day.

You see, at a town hall, #DonTheCon would not have to face Ted Cruz one-on-one so the lies that supporters like Adriana Cohen get so excited about wouldn’t be exposed by Cruz.

Although cowardly Trump refuses to face Ted Cruz and is taking an unprecedented 10 days off from the campaign trail, that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his Twitter bender, his favorite social media avenue to vomit out his every thought, no matter how untruthful, unstable, misogynistic, or insane.

One tweet sent on Saturday morning will lead one to believe if Jeff Roe is on to something with his request that Donald Trump release psych evaluations.

He also went on the attack against Ted Cruz absolving himself from the National Enquirer hit piece which was published by his friend Pecker and had Roger Stone, Trump’s decades-long hitman and smear merchant, as the sole person quoted.

Big words, Donald, from behind a keyboard.


Jennifer Burke contributed to this article.

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