Trump’s Disgusting War on Women Just Came Under Major Fire [VIDEO]

Katrina Pierson Alice Stewart

Trump defender of whatever comes out of his mouth or anything he does, no matter how shameful, disgusting, ridiculous or untrue, Katrina Pierson, appeared on CNN with Ted Cruz communications director Alice Stewart to defend Trump’s latest despicable bully tactic — his thuggish attack on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz.

After Katrina Pierson rambled incoherently with half-truths and falsehoods, an enraged Alice Stewart let her have it with both barrels:

“First and foremost, we had absolutely nothing to do with this PAC. It’s actually an anti-Trump PAC that has actually said critical things about Ted in the past. The moment this was brought to Ted’s attention, he said it was inappropriate — he did not condone it — he denounced it — and he said that spouses and family members of candidates are off limits and should not be talked about in the political discourse.

And he said very complimentary things about Melania Trump — she is a great mother, she is a supportive wife, she’s a beautiful woman — exactly like Heidi Cruz is and Ted would never say anything disparaging.

And this right here sets up exactly what we’re seeing here. One man who denigrates women; another man who defends them — one who has spent a lifetime insulting them and one who inspires them.

This is not the first time this has happened. Donald Trump, in this cycle alone, has said insulting and denigrating things about Megyn Kelly, about Carly Fiorina, now Heidi Cruz. It’s absolutely unacceptable and Katrina, I’m surprised and shocked that you’re not embarrassed — if you’re not embarrassed by your bosses behavior, that says a lot.”

Advantage: Stewart

Note: No one “plastered” the pictures of Melania Trump all over the internet, as Pierson argued — they were already there. She did when she agreed to pose nude for GQ Magazine — a gig I’m sure she was paid very well for. If she didn’t want pictures of her nude body in public, then she shouldn’t have posed naked for a major magazine.


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