Donald Trump’s #DDay Tweet is Raising Eyebrows

Kudos to Donald Trump for acknowledging D-Day but his tweet is such a blunder that one has to wonder just how closely Trump and his campaign pay to specifics.

One would think that a campaign that has been criticized for questionable retweets of tweets from white supremacists, misspellings, and personal attacks on the family of an opponent would be a bit more careful when it comes to honoring a very important moment in American military history. If one thought that, however, one would be wrong.

On Monday morning, Donald Trump tweeted a message about D-Day, the invasion of Normandy which began the liberation of the French and also turned the tide of the war against the Nazis, with words of praise and a picture. Sadly, the picture used was not from that infamous day on June 6, 1944 at all.

Twitter users Aaron Gardner, a veteran, and Caleb Alan Pritchard both noticed the YUGE faux pas and let Trump know that his picture was not from D-Day at all. It was from a training for D-Day.

Can you say “egg on face?”

Anyone paying attention to details would notice the guy standing in front of the troops, facing the water with his hands on his hips as he watched. This is hardly the stance someone would take in the middle of a battle.

Then again, what’s a little thing like facts and truth nowadays, right?

h/t Red State


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Jennifer Burke
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