Donald Trump’s Latest on Immigration ‘I Want a Lot of People to Come In’ [VIDEO]

(Washington Free Beacon) –  Republican frontrunner Donald Trump maintained he would build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants but said Wednesday he wants a “lot of people to come in” through legal channels during an interview with CNN.

Asked by Wolf Blitzer about fellow Republican 2016 hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz’s stance about not letting illegal immigrants back into the country once deported, Trump said he would want them back in if they’re “very good people.”

“I think you should let them come back,” Trump said. “If they’re very good people, you let them come back legally. I want people to come back. You know, I’m building a wall, but I want people to come in. I want immigrants to come in, but they have to come in legally. I want a lot of people to come in. I want to have really smart people, really good people, really hard workers come back in, but they have to come in legally, so I want people to come back into the country.”


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