Donald Trump’s Latest Trumpertantrum Will Make You Question his Sanity [VIDEO]

Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star turned aspiring politician, is the current GOP frontrunner in the race for the presidency. He’s also revealed himself to be a raging hypocritical liar.

Trump’s positions have been all over the board. The man who claims to be an outsider has actually been an integral and dirty part of the political ruling class who make up the Washington Cartel. He has admitted to being part of the corruption by bragging about buying off politicians for favors to benefit himself financially. Now, rather than own up to his troubling statements in the past which prove how liberal and corrupt he truly is, Trump is throwing another Trumpertantrum, threatening to sue Texas Senator and constitutional conservative Ted Cruz. (video below)

Back in 2015, Donald Trump clearly stated that his pro-baby killer sister, Maryanne Barry Trump, would be a phenomenal Supreme Court justice. After Ted Cruz brought those words to the forefront during Saturday’s debate, Trump claimed on Sunday that he was only joking.

Trump very recently said that he believes Planned Parenthood, whose top doctors have been caught on video bragging about altering their abortion procedures to obtain the best baby body parts to sell for profit, does good work. He also said that he does not believe the baby body parts chop shop should be defunded.

Now, he wants the world to believe he is very, very pro-choice.

Either Trump is confused, a hypocrite, a liar, or a total snake.

As usual, the thin-skinned Trump, who has revealed a stark revelation that he can dish it out, but not take it, is now threatening to sue Ted Cruz for the allegation that Trump would appoint liberal judges, like his sister, to the Supreme Court if Cruz does not apologize before the South Carolina primary.

NBA player Glen Davis, who was affectionately known as “Big Baby,” may want to gift his nickname to Donald Trump after Trump’s whining press conference.

After spewing lies about Ted Cruz, including leading people to falsely believe that Cruz is against waterboarding and also unpresidentially calling him a ‘pussy,’ inferring that Cruz is a coward, Trump is upset that Cruz is pointing out the soiled stains of Trump’s past statements. Trump also is attempting to make himself to be a big defender of Dr. Ben Carson despite equating Ben Carson to a pedophile last fall.

A quick perusal of Trump’s Twitter feed, his preferred social media venue, reveals a person that appears to be emotionally and psychologically unstable. His supporters eat up his unpresidential, verging on psychotic, behavior, explaining it away as Trump being against political correctness, not fully getting how it makes him appear to also be against sanity.

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In addition to being a full-blown narcissist, getting away with grandiose and vague statements regarding how he will “Make America Great Again,” Trump is also a consummate projectionist. As he pushed his threat to sue Ted Cruz if the big baby doesn’t get his demanded apology, Trump accused Cruz of being unhinged.

RESPONSE TO THE LIES OF SENATOR CRUZ: Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual. He is the single biggest liar I’ve…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Monday, February 15, 2016

The reality is that a new poll has just been unveiled and Trump did not like what it said. Trump already has a stronghold and control of the media, in an Obama and Chavez kind of way. They not only give him an extraordinary amount of airtime, they have been caught only reporting polls that favored Trump, such as the ignoring of polls in New Hampshire prior to the primary which showed Cruz doing far better than people have said a true conservative could do in the Granite State.

The poll, commissioned by the Jeb Bush campaign, shows that Ted Cruz is within two points of Trump in South Carolina. Trump said previously that he would go on the attack against Cruz if he continued rising in the polls. That is one part of his word and claims that he has lived up to.

Trump’s threat to sue Cruz as being not constitutionally eligible to be president is simply the response of a small narcissist who can’t handle someone pointing out his positions and connecting the dots. He likes to be in control of the masses, finding it funny when he spews lies and vulgarities, but getting upset when someone bursts his faux conservative bubble.

As Ted Cruz said before, Trump said in September that he consulted with his team of lawyers regarding Cruz’s eligibility and that it was a non-issue. The Constitution hasn’t changed since that time, but the polls have.

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With the shocking announcement of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, considered a constitutional stalwart and protector of our freedoms on the court, on Saturday before the debate, the decision for president will have widespread ramifications on not only our freedom but also on the fabric and existence of our republic.

Trump, no doubt, does not like Ted Cruz’s words on why the presidential vote is so imperative, and why Trump is the wrong choice.

On Monday in Aiken, South Carolina, Cruz said, “A candidate who has spent 60 years of his life being very, very pro-choice and defending partial-birth abortion is not the candidate you can trust to appoint principled constitutionalists.”

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