Don’t be Fooled: Obama’s ‘Sign of Respect’ is Actually a Continued Politicization of the Oregon Shooting

President Obama has ordered the White House flag to fly at half-mast.

Don’t get me wrong: that is a fantastic gesture. However, many are noting that the president, one day after taking to the airwaves to politicize the tragic shooting in Roseburg, Oregon, has ordered the flag-lowering while it took a whopping 5 days for our supposed Commander-in-Chief to do so after the Chattanooga shooting at U.S. military installations.

It seems that the UCC Shooting in Oregon better-fits Obama’s preferred narrative concerning gun violence.

The Hill reports:

President Obama is ordering flags on public buildings and grounds to be flown at half-staff until Tuesday following the deadly mass shooting at a community college in Oregon.

American flags will be lowered at the White House and public buildings and military installations across the country as well as at U.S. embassies and posts abroad.

Obama delivered his proclamation shortly after he finished a press conference at the White House where he discussed the school shooting for the second time in two days.

“The politics has to change,” Obama told reporters, saying he would continue talking about gun control measures for the remainder of his term.

His presidential proclamation is intended as “a mark of respect for the victims of gun violence perpetrated” Thursday at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.

It seems clear that based on Obama’s picking-and-choosing of what warrants executive attention and what doesn’t, he’s playing political favorites.

Sandra Fluke received a phone call when Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut.”

Kim Davis was thrown in jail for adhering to her religious beliefs and received no phone call from the president.

Michael Brown’s family received delegates from the executive branch for his funeral.

Obama was conspicuously absent from the gathering of world leaders in the wake of the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo. He sent Eric Holder in his stead, but Holder blew-off the gathering to take several meetings. Dozens of other world leaders found the time to attend the gathering.

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In June, after the Supreme Court released their ruling on same-sex marriage, President Obama even turned the White House- the people’s house- into a rainbow light show to show his solidarity with homosexual activists who were successful in adulterating the definition of marriage.

Now, the shooting in Oregon is being politicized and being used as an opportunity for Obama to push for unconstitutional gun control laws.

Where was our Commander-in-Chief when our soldiers were being killed on U.S. soil because they were disallowed from carrying weapons?

It took five days and palpable outrage from American patriots before Obama finally yielded to public pressure and begrudgingly showed a sign of respect by lowering the flags.

For many, it was too little, too late.

President Obama is extremely divisive and the combination of his actions and inaction coupled with his inflammatory rhetoric is tearing this country apart.

Hopefully, we will soon once again have a president that aims to be the president of all Americans.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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