Don’t Hyperventilate Leftist Loons; Christmas Weather was Warmer 60 Years Ago

The progressive left: changing to meaning of words to deceptively cover their lies. Image Credit: Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Weather is being…weather, as it always is and has, changing randomly and largely unpredictable in normal fashion, but now that the East Coast is, thus far, having a rather mild winter, at least during the Christmas season, warmist progressive loons are predictably going into full-on Chicken Little mode.

Last year at this time, the same area of the world, the East Coast, faced a record cold snap, but as Steven Goddard’s Real Science points out, that fluctuation in climate, i.e., climate change, was ignored by the left as it was “less than 1% of the earth,” because it didn’t fit their global warming, big government takeover of everything to save the planet agenda.

Moronic Marxists like actress Bette Midler are getting hysterical, claiming that the unseasonably mild weather in NYC this year is somehow caused by “ignorant selfish climate deniers.” Mysteriously, Midler, to the best of my knowledge, was silent about the record cold last year. Wonder why?

Chill out crazy commies, it was warmer 60 years ago, in 1955, back when there were no “climate change deniers” or “climate change” or “global warming.” Not only that, but the balmy weather covered a much larger swath of the country than it does now.

It is called “weather,” as it was in 1923, which was also a year in which there was balmy Christmas season weather, way before SUV’s were even thought of.

Goddard points out a funny little tidbit that is very timely for the Christmas season:

In Irving Berlin’s 1954 musical “White Christmas” – the story line was 70 degrees in Vermont on Christmas eve and no snow. That was why they were “Dreaming of a White Christmas”

The fact of the matter is, there has been no overall global warming in over two decades — an inconvenient truth — but that won’t stop the left from pushing their myth of global warming climate change, to push their anti-capitalism, communist agenda.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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