Drudge Questions Hillary’s Sexuality

Matt Drudge of Drudge report fame is giving new life to an old 1990’s rumor that the reason why Hillary Clinton allows Bill Clinton to endlessly cheat on her without leaving him is that she has her own secret — that she’s secretly a lesbian and therefore doesn’t really have a problem with his philandering.

Drudge, whose site has been very pro-Trump for months, even before he was the GOP nominee, seemed to hint on Saturday that news could be forthcoming that would expose Hillary’s rumored secret.

“Oh, on the sex stuff,” Drudge tweeted. “Hillary is about to get hers…” he warned in a tweet with a picture of Hillary Clinton and lesbian comedian Ellen Degeneres, whose show she appeared on Friday.


On October 1st, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of cheating on Bill Clinton, without providing any evidence, details or stating with whom.

“Hillary Clinton’s only loyalty is to her financial contributors, I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill if you want to know the truth,” he said during a rally in the must-win state of Pennsylvania. “Really folks, why should she be?” he asked, a reference to Bill Clinton’s womanizing and accusations against him of sexual abuse.

Since then, on October 8, revelations of the now infamous “Trump Tape” from 2005, where the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor is shown bragging about sexually assaulting women, “grabbing them by the pussy,” and getting away with it because of his celebrity status, has dominated the news. Trump downplayed the video as only being “locker room talk” at the second presidential debate.

However, 12 women have now come forward, accusing Trump of acts very similar to those he bragged about in the video.

Former Apprentice Contestant Summer Zervos Accuses Trump of Sexual Abuse [VIDEO]

As earlier stated, rumors of Hillary Clinton being a lesbian are not new. A simple Google search brings up 856,000 results. But thus far, stories with specifics have only been reported by tabloid-style sources that aren’t exactly credible.

While the rumor does have some logic behind it, it’s not even certain that it would harm Hillary’s electability considering the moral fabric of the country right now, if Drudge does know something about a forthcoming credible news story.

You can almost hear Democrats cheering the announcement as a “twofer.” “First female president AND first lesbian president all in one package!” they’d say along with “Bill deserved it for how he cheated on her all of these years.”

With that being said, if Hillary does have a “special friend,” I’m sure people would love to know who it’s been and why she’s kept her little secret under wraps all of these years. It’s not like Democrats would care.

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Matthew K. Burke
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