Duck Dynasty’s Jep Robertson Joins the #FighttheNoise Campaign to Legalize Silencers

There are few things so convoluted and contrary to commonsense as America’s laws concerning firearms. Though the Second Amendment is but one of a few laws that extend beyond state boundaries to protect all citizens of the United States, states continue to undermine the Second Amendment.

Further, federal laws concerning the Second Amendment remain incredibly nonsensical. Do you own a short-barreled rifle without having secured the permission of the federal government? You’re committing a humongous felony. Attach an armbrace to the same rifle and it’s legal. Fire on full-auto without securing the proper paperwork and go directly to jail; put a slide stock onto an AR-15 and you’re ready to spray and pray.

One such federal absurdity is the National Firearm Act’s (NFA) prohibition on the possession of silencers (also called suppressors) without having gone through the proper federal channels.

In order to obtain a silencer, one must submit to federal tyranny by submitting the proper forms that can take as much as a year to be approved and pay a $200 tax.

Though the entirety of the NFA is both unconstitutional and nonsensical in its application, the ban on silencers has come into the crosshairs of a dedicated campaign called “Fight the Noise,” a campaign to highlight the benefits of civilian silencer usage and calling for the legalization of silencers in states where prohibited and the removal of silencers from the NFA.

Guns are, as one would expect, loud. Even with hearing protection, continued firearm usage can contribute to irreparable hearing loss. Further, the loud bang of firearms can create a noisy environment for neighbors near shooting ranges and areas where enthusiasts shoot.

That is why the #FightTheNoise campaign is so important. Duck Dynasty star Jep Robertson has given his endorsement for the campaign.

In the below video, Robertson offers his support for an end to the unconstitutional limitations upon silencer ownership.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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