‘Ducking Donald’ Ditches ‘Feel The Bern’ Sanders and a Hilarious Hashtag Ensues

Okay let’s lay out the timeline of what brought on #ChickenTrump.

  • Bernie Sanders had Jimmy Kimmel ask Trump if he would debate him in California before the June 7th primary.
  • Trump told Kimmel yes but he claims to want money for it so it can be donated to a ‘worthy’ charity.
  • Sanders accepts and a wealthy businessman agrees to put up $10 million.
  • Trump basically then says, and I’m paraphrasing, “Meh! Screw the money and women’s health.” He then backed out of the debate.

Pretty much sounds like Don the Con’s bluff was called and the chicken is running away like the coward he is.

Leave it to people on Twitter to grab hold of Trump’s weakness and create the #ChickenTrump hashtag.

I have compiled some of the best! Keep in mind at the time this story was published it was trending in the #1 spot with over 134,000 tweets.

Here ya go, check out what I have put together for you.
Pretty much Sarah, you nailed it with this tweet.

I wonder if Panda Express would rename one of their signature dishes after this tweet?


Exactly what I was thinking.

I cannot stop laughing at these next two tweets.

Just stop….

Sounds disgustingly gross!

I know my chickens are very offended.


Personally, I saved the best for last:

Well maybe the last one wasn’t the last. You need to see this subtweet:

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