Trump-Endorsing Congressman Wanted Colleagues to Meet Trump to Confirm He’s Not ‘Crazy’

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If they endorse him, then go back to their districts to say they’ve met him and he’s not crazy, it goes a long way,” Hunter said.

California Congressman Duncan Hunter must have thought that his early endorsement of bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump would garner him nearly unfettered access to the man who could possibly be the next president of the United States, but so far it hasn’t turned out that way.

In case you were locked up in the wine cellar and missed it, Donald Trump was making the rounds in Washington, D.C., today, meeting with leading RINOs like Paul Ryan and “Obama’s Mitch” McConnell, trying to mend fences fresh off a scorched-earth presidential primary which ended with him accusing Ted Cruz ‘s father of murdering JFK.

Rep. Hunter put in several requests to meet with Trump, hoping that the liberal New York real estate tycoon would meet with him and the other handful of Trump-friendly lawmakers, but to no avail, and is understandably butthurt over the matter.

Hunter was hopeful that his colleagues could meet with Trump, then go back to their districts and tell their constituents that “he’s not crazy,” as Politico reported:

His most ardent congressional backers, however, asked his campaign several times for a few minutes with the candidate, too. They thought it would energize the team running traps to whip support for him in Washington. They also wanted Trump to meet with a core group of committee chairs they thought would make for powerful future allies.

Hunter said the complaint isn’t about his ego, contending that face time with rank-and-file lawmakers would actually have helped Trump in the long run by making it easier for them to vouch for the candidate with voters in their districts.

If they endorse him, then go back to their districts to say they’ve met him and he’s not crazy, it goes a long way,” Hunter said. “It helps if you can say, ‘I met the guy’ … and can be beneficial for Trump, too.”

It speaks volumes that Congressman Duncan Hunter, an ardent supporter of Trump’s, thinks that people have to be convinced that the presumptive GOP nominee is not “crazy.”

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Matthew K. Burke
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