ELITISM: Chelsea Clinton Gets New, Cushy Director Post on Corporate Board

I must be nice to be the daughter of a serial woman abuser and the most corrupt presidential candidate of all time.

Ranking right up there with her former $600,000 part-time gig for irregular stints as an NBC “special” correspondent — a job that she utterly sucked at — is this new dividend to being the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Tim Hanrahan, deputy bureau chief at the Wall Street Journal, reports based on corporate filings that Chelsea Clinton has been named to the Board of Directors at online travel giant and Microsoft spin-off Expedia.

Hanrahan reports that to set on the board, Clinton will get a salary of $45,000 per year in cash and also a whopping $250,000 per year in stock that vests in three years, meaning she’ll bag around $900,000 in total compensation if she hangs around for three years — not counting any stock appreciation gained over that period.

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Hanrahan tweeted snapshots of the filings below:

Hanrahan further reports that Chelsea Clinton is on the board of another company associated with billionaire Barry Diller, IAC, and receives about $300,000 per year in compensation from the company that owns several online properties, including Expedia, Match.com, and The Daily Beast, a liberal news and commentary site.

Add the two together and that’s almost $600K per year for two directorships. Not bad work if you can find it.

What experience does Chelsea, the “Vice Chair” of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation have over yours or mine?

None, actually, other than her last name is Clinton.

Where are all the social justice warriors (SJW’s) shouting “privilege” or Soviet-style Bernie Sanders railing against this one-percenter?

Chelsea Clinton reportedly lives in a $10 million apartment and yet doesn’t care about money.  The rest of us who weren’t a member of the lucky sperm club like Chelsea actually do have to worry. It’s nice that she doesn’t have to.

In a free market, companies have the right to name to their boards whoever they deem fit. But we as a free people with freedom of speech also have the right to call this what it is — cronyism through and through.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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