Elitist Hillary Clinton Has a New Requirement for the Press Covering Her Campaign…

2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talks a great deal about the “wealthy” and the supposed need to redistribute their wealth. At every stop, she riles the crowd into a collectivist frenzy and maintains that she intends to crusade for the Americans who are being victimized by the elite, the powerful millionaires and billionaires that have become entrenched in American politics.

You know… like the Clintons, the super-wealthy who maintain strong, entrenched political ties that they use to maintain their incredibly-opulent lifestyle.

Despite her “woman of the people” rhetoric that insists that she understands the plight of the middle and lower classes, the Clintons enjoy a net worth of around $111 millionaround 368 times the average American’s net worth.

Consistently, Bill and Hillary Clinton have tried to downplay their wealth in order to keep their “cred” with the socialism-minded crowd who favor her brand of redistribution of income.

To further this image, Hillary reportedly refused on Saturday to allow the press to film or photograph her getting on her private jet.

The sullen socialist sat on the tarmac in her car until all members of the press were on their own planes before she would even exit the vehicle.

Liz Kreutz, an ABC reporter tasked with covering the Democratic candidate, tweeted the below photo and noted:

Clinton staff won’t allow press to film HRC boarding her charter. We must get on our plan before she gets out of car

Hours after tweeting the news, the Clinton camp, evidently mindful of the bad press, told reporters that they may photograph the elitist candidate deplaning.

It’s hard to figure which is more ridiculous: the level of hypocrisy in crusading to redistribute wealth she, herself, is insanely rich or the dangerous high-handedness she maintains with the press in dictating what they may and may not photograph during this election.

Either way, remember this the next time that obnoxious neighbor tells you that Hillary is willing to “fight” for the middle class.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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