Elitist Hillary to Whites: Check Your Privilege and Be Humble [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton spoke before the National Action Network, the group led by professional racial grievance industry profiteer Al Sharpton. Since she was speaking before a group of blacks, Hillary did what she always does when speaking in front of a black audience.

She pandered.

Not only did Hillary pander, she also shamed white people for their ‘privilege’ having the audacity to give anyone advice on the importance of humility.

This coming from a woman who laughed at a 12-year old rape victim, who helped lead the ‘nuts and sluts’ campaign to disparage the victims of her philandering husband, Bill, and who charges upwards of $250,000, even to colleges, for a speech….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“White Americans must do a much better job of listening when African-Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day,” she said. “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility rather than assume our experiences are everyone else’s experiences.”

Incidentally, the conference was being held in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. who believed that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. So much for that dream.

To add to her pandering, Hillary then said, “I believe that Democrats have a special obligation. If we’re going to ask African-Americans to vote for us, we cannot take you or your vote for granted.”

Perhaps Hillary wants us to forget that not only do Democrats take blacks for granted, she also demeans blacks when she attempts to break out in “an ethnic tone” when she speaks to a black audience.

The co-hosts on FOX News’ The Five talked about Hillary’s speech, Greg Gutfeld commented, “She does not speak for all white people. She has absolutely no idea what’s going on in the real world.”

No she doesn’t, Greg. She’s too busy lecturing people about income inequality and “fairness” while she utlizes her Clinton Crime Family Foundation and insider connections to pad her personal pockets.

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