This Email Will Cause More People to Question Hillary Clinton’s Health and Stamina

Hillary Clinton has had her health issues in the past…many health issues. She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She was hospitalized with a blood clot in December 2012. After fainting and suffering a concussion in 2012, she had to wear prism glasses for double vision. Add into that the coughing fits she has suffered throughout the campaign and it makes a situation ripe for questions about her health.

When John McCain ran for the presidency as the GOP nominee in 2008, the media insisted that he provide a full medical report to prove that he was fit for the presidency. With Hillary, despite her documented health issues, there has been no such call by the media for full health records. After this email communication between Hillary and her Muslim brotherhood-connected top aide, Huma Abedin, the questions surrounding Hillary’s health and stamina may just increase.

It appears that part of the top aide responsibilities for Abedin, who formerly served as assistant editor of a radical Muslim journal, funded by Saudis, which blamed America for 9/11, was to serve as her “nap coordinator,” making sure Hillary remembered to get a little mid-day shut-eye.

On January 11, 2013, about an hour before Hillary was scheduled to meet with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Abedin sent Hillary Clinton an email at 2:21 pm reminding her to take a nap.

“Reminder fabius at 3:30. Take a nap [sic].”

Hillary’s responded very quickly at 2:28 pm saying, “Will try!” Too bad she didn’t have a quick response time, or any response time at all, when Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for help in Benghazi. Maybe if she had been as concerned about the safety of those at Benghazi as she was about her nap, we wouldn’t have had four Americans die on September 11, 2012.

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Here’s a copy of the emails between Hillary and the Muslim brotherhood-connected Abedin who Hillary has described as being like her second daughter.

Here is Huma Abedin’s reminder to Hillary to take a nap. There was barely an hour between the time of Abedin’s email and the scheduled meeting so Hillary would have to have an immediate response by jumping in bed to catch a few winks.

c 05797949 by Christian Datoc on Scribd

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Here is Hillary’s response.

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h/t Daily Caller

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