Emasculated Male Has a Question for Chelsea Clinton, But Issues Crazy Apology First

Give this “man” his feminism award immediately!

At a campaign event for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday in Winston-Salem, NC, Chelsea Clinton, the Democrat nominee’s adult daughter, was being asked a question by a man in the audience. But before he could get his question out, the limp-wristed emasculated male felt the need to offer an apology — an apology for being a man.

The Daily Caller reported the story and transcribed the exchange (see video below) between the emotionally neutered man and Chelsea Clinton:

“I saw your hand first, so, yes. Hello,” Clinton told the soon-to-be-emasculated bro. “And maybe just share your name.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the guy answered, to which Clinton stated, “oh gosh called me ma’am. That makes me feel so old.”

“Well, first off, I’d like to state that this is a great idea,” the questioner continued. “Sorry that the first person to get the mic is a man. I do apologize for that. I do think it’s important to encourage women’s voices in every aspect of life.”

Maybe he’s one of the “men” who will need tampon when he goes into the men’s room, assuming he goes into the men’s room.

Wait a minute, why is he apologizing for being a man? I thought the progressive left teaches that gender is simply a “social construct.”

This story is further evidence of just how damaging political correctness — cultural Marxism — wrapped under the guise of feminism, really is. Why in the hell should a man apologize for being a man?

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Matthew K. Burke
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