That Embarrassing Moment When All You Can Say is ‘Okay’ [VIDEO]

Longtime Trump attorney, Democrat Michael Cohen. Credit: CNN

One of the most embarrassing moments of the political season, thus far (which is really saying something), occurred on Wednesday when longtime Donald Trump attorney and apologist Michael Cohen, a Democrat, tried to take his pit bull tactics to CNN’s Brianna Keilar when discussing the recent shakeup in the Trump campaign.

It didn’t work.

Keilar points out that Trump is losing, at least thus far, which of course Cohen vehemently denies. But as you can see in the exchange below, Keilar puts the “tough guy” into a mode of speechlessness, with an extremely uncomfortable moment of silence.

When Keilar accurately points out that Trump is “down” in the polls, Cohen rudely interrupts and asks “Says who?”

“Polls,” Keilar succinctly answers. “Most of them — all of them,” she clarifies, which produces uncomfortable silence and a stair down when finally Cohen breaks the silence.

“Says who?” Cohen asks again, as if he has a hearing problem.

“Polls,” she answers. “I just told you. I answered your question.”

“Which polls?” Cohen asks.

“All of them,” Brianna Keilar answers, as if reluctantly giving a life-support patient the bad news that they’d be dead within 24 hours.

“Okay,” Kohen answers.

Watch the crazy exchange below. It’s straight out of Saturday Night Live. It’s brutal.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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