Embarrassing New Poll Reveals Who 5 Percent of Americans Would Vote for Over Trump and Hillary

Remember Harambe the gorilla who was shot and killed by a zoo worker after a young boy fell into the gorilla pit? Well, a new poll by the left leaning Public Policy Polling, conducted in July, reveals numbers that will prove to be a huge embarrassment for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

If the election were held today, five-percent of Americans would vote for Harambe for president if he were on the ballot as an Independent candidate.

The polling firm polled 1,276 likely voters to determine where they stood on various political issues and politicians. The reason they included Harambe in their survey was to determine how an Independent would fare in this election cycle against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two candidates with the highest unfavorables in history.

In the poll, likely voters were asked on quesiton “If the candidates for President were Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, and independent Harambe, who would you vote for?”

While 48-percent said they would vote for Hillary Clinton and 43-percent said they would vote for Donald Trump, five-percent said they would cast their vote for the deceased gorilla Harambe as an Independent candidate. Four-percent remained undecided.

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Tom Jensen, the director of Public Policy Polling explained how these numbers also do not bode well for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

“It’s a reality check to see how real their support is. When you see Harambe the gorilla getting the same level of support as third-party candidates, it shows that people are not that serious about voting for Gary Johnson. My guess is that he will end up getting two or three percent of the vote in the end.”

The Independent candidate support has actually lessened in the PPP poll since last month when “giant meteor intent on destroying the earth” was labeled as the Independent candidate and garnered 13-percent of the vote.

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