Endangered RINO John McCain Announces GOP Convention Plans; In Trouble?

RINO John McCain at the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast, Dec. 2, 2015

RINO relic and Hillary Clinton friend John McCain , 79, who has attended every Republican National Convention for over 30 years, announced that he will not be attending the July event in Cleveland this year.

The failed 2008 presidential candidate, who lost to Barack Obama because he was afraid of criticizing him for fear of having the race card used against him, told reporters on Tuesday that instead of attending the event he has reportedly spoken at since 1984, he would be staying in Arizona to campaign for re-election.

“I have to campaign for re-election, and I have always done that when I’m up,” McCain argued with reporters according to The Hill.

McCain, a major proponent of the narrative that Islam is somehow the “religion of peace” and, like Obama, is in favor of bringing more potential Islamic terrorists to America, who is still stinging for not fighting to “build the danged fence” as he promised while campaigning for re-election six years ago, is being challenged by Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward and businessman Alex Meluskey in his 2016 re-election bid.

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John McCain , who was censored by the Arizona GOP, his own party, in January of 2014 for voting like a liberal Democrat, also faces a major challenge, should he make in past the August primary, in the form of Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick .

Recent polls show the race in a dead heat, should it get that far.

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The Hill further reports that the chairman (Sen. Roger Wicker ) of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, a group that tries to get establishment RINOs re-elected, is encouraging “vulnerable” senators to stay away from the convention.

The Hill further reported that McCain has not missed a convention, even during the years he was up for re-election.

McCain was up for reelection in the Senate in 2004 and 1992, however, and still found time to speak at the GOP convention in those years. He also spoke at the convention in 2012, 2000, 1996, 1988 and 1984.

In other words, John McCain is in for the fight of his career.

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