EPIC: Ted Cruz Gives 5 Reasons Why ‘2016 is Going to be an Incredible Year’ [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz on New Year's Eve. Image Credit: Screenshot via FOX News

Surging 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who is now solidly in second place behind Donald Trump in all major polls, appeared on FOX News with Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling to deliver a powerful New Year’s message:

“2016 is going to be an incredible year.

2016 is going to be the last year of the Obama presidency.

2016 is going to be the last year before Hillary retires permanently to Chappaqua.

2016 is going to be the last year that we have Obamacare.

2016 is going to be the last year until we abolish the IRS.

And 2016 is going to be the last year until we utterly destroy ISIS and defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

Like 1980, 2016 is going to be a very, very good year.”

1980, of course, is the year America elected the late, great conservative Ronald Reagan as president after the one-term disaster of progressive leftist Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Cruz finished by telling a funny joke that takes a jab at Obama in which a little old man repeatedly approaches a Marine, asking the same question repeatedly, if Obama is still in the White House on January 2017.

When the Marine gets frustrated at being asked the same exact question over-and-over, the old man tells the Marine, “I know that, I just love hearing you say it.”

The Marine then promptly salutes the old man in approval and says, “See you tomorrow, Sir!”

Additionally, Ted Cruz issued the following written statement on New Years Eve, declaring that “2016 will be our time.”

“On the eve of the new year, I want to thank millions of Americans for what we have together achieved in 2015. In less than a year’s time, conservatives across this country have come together from all walks of life – tea party conservatives, libertarians, women and men concerned for our safety, young people, small business owners – and they have changed the course of the 2016 election.

“The Washington Cartel said we didn’t have a prayer. Well, actually, that’s where for many of us this began. We believe that 2016 isn’t simply another election year. It’s a chance to change the course of this nation: To once again have the courage to stand up to our enemies, to call them by their name, and to defeat ISIS. To restore every citizens’ God-given liberties, especially their right to live in accordance with their faith. And to ignite jobs and growth so that families can once again have confidence that our children will have greater opportunities than we had.

“That’s why hundreds of thousands of supporters and volunteers have risen up across this country. And I believe, that’s why there is incredible optimism for 2016. It’s the last year of the Obama Administration. And it’s the year that I believe the people can and will take back our country and once again reignite the promise that has made this country the greatest nation in the history of the world.

“2016 will be our time!”

In a year-end conference call with supporters on New Year’s Eve, Cruz warned that the next 90 days are crucial because the GOP nominee will likely be decided by March, and to “strap on the full armor of God” because the “attacks are coming” from the establishment candidates.

The Blaze reported:

Ted Cruz told presidential campaign supporters on a New Year’s Eve phone call that the next 90 days could decide the election — and he warned them to prepare for an onslaught of attacks due to his recent surge in the polls.

“We’re now in the final sprint,” the Texas Republican senator said. “We’re winning right now. And as a result, I want to tell everyone: Get ready. Strap on the full armor of God. Get ready for the attacks that are coming.”

 The candidate made his warning on a call with 56,817 volunteers, according to the Cruz campaign.

“We ain’t seen nothing yet. … In the month of January, we are going to see millions if not tens of millions of attacks — of TV commercials, radio, of social media, of mailers,” Cruz said. “And actually as it gets closer and closer to election day, it’s going to get uglier and uglier and uglier.”

The first true test of voters will occur on February 1, where Iowa will hold its caucuses. Ted Cruz holds a slight lead in the state over Donald Trump, according to the Real Clear Politics Iowa average of polls.

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