Eric Holder: Reagan was Wrong About the Federal Government, We Actually Need It to be Bigger

On the eve of the last day of the Democratic Convention, ex-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was interviewed by the stealth partisan and taxpayer paid PBS “reporter”, Charlie Rose.” You owe it to yourself to listen to the segment of 21:54 until the end at 24:21. A remarkable insight into the liberal progressive mind is found in this almost three-minute segment.

In it, Eric Holder states that Ronald Reagan was “one-hundred percent” wrong that “Government is the problem” and that Bill Clinton was wrong that “the era of big government is over.” He proclaims that the country is not “center-right”; it is “shifting left”.

What is astounding is how Charlie Rose leads Holder and even helps him answer his questions, finishing and adding to Holder’s comments.

Most Republicans and conservatives knew that Holder would never be an objective Attorney General. We knew about his leftist, statist background. Now, he is free to be “unplugged” in his public comments, and everything we thought to be true in his beliefs is exposed.

Eric Holder believes that the federal government is indeed the answer to the problems that plague our nation such as education, infrastructure, etc. He must have somehow forgotten the effect of the Federal Government’s intrusion into these segments of our society.

Federalism is an obstacle to his progressive leftist viewpoint. One gets the feeling that repealing the 10th Amendment would be part of his solution.

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If anyone wants to get an inside look at the progressive, leftist, European-Socialist mindset and agenda, Holder lays it all out.

Their goal is to increase the centralized, federal government massively in size and scope. They believe that education, healthcare, the nation’s infrastructure and the economy at large should be controlled under the purview of the federal government.

Real “Power to the People” lies in their ability to effect change starting at the local level. Holder’s view disallows that. Holder’s viewpoint is why everyone in this country cannot, for instance, buy a top-load washing machine. The federal government forced manufacturers to make “new and improved” washers that use less water. So now, we are compelled to buy high-priced front-load washers that barely clean your clothes and smell like a fetid moldy swamp after just one month of service.

Holder thinks the answer to the educational system in this country is increasing the size of the federal government’s control of it. How’s that working out? Ditto for health care.

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None of this matters for statists like Holder because they are not interested in outcomes. They seek power and control.

And they will not be satisfied until they control nearly every aspect of your life

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Alex David
Alex David
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