Evan McMullin Blasts Trump Amnesty Flip-Flop: ‘We Can’t Have a President Who Lies to the American People’

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin (Credit: FOX News)

Former CIA counter-terrorism officer and Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin appeared on FOX News on Wednesday and has a message for conservative Republican voters — Donald Trump is losing badly to Hillary Clinton, he cannot defeat her, and that he [McMullin] is the only conservative running in the presidential race.

After blasting Obama for having “no comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIS” and for not being “committed to the cause” of defeating the Islamic terrorist group Obama once referred to as the “JV team,” McMullin took aim at Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal — the Clinton Foundation — and explained how the level of corruption seen from the Democrat nominee for president rivals that seen by him in third-world countries.

“Every day — every week — we see a new story about her corruption,” McMullin told host Shannon Bream. “I don’t use that word lightly. I spent time overseas and saw real corruption in third-world countries. And this reminds me of that. Hillary Clinton is unfit to be our president because she’s corrupt and she doesn’t believe she’s accountable to the American people,” he proclaimed.

“Clearly, she corruptly used her influence as secretary of state to benefit her outside activities,” he said.

When Bream, like most reporters, asked McMullin whether his candidacy is only going to help Hillary Clinton get elected at the expense of Donald Trump, he made it clear that, in his opinion, Trump “doesn’t have a chance” to defeat Clinton, noting how poorly he’s doing in key battleground states that should be competitive for a Republican running against a weak candidate like scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton.

“Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton and I urge the American people — especially those who have been supporting Donald Trump — to reconsider.” 

As the Washington Examiner reported yesterday, a new Reuters poll, a poll that seemed to be very favorable to Trump during the primary season, shows Hillary Clinton with a commanding 12-point lead over Donald Trump.

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“He’s doing terribly in national polls. He’s doing terribly — even worse in key battleground states,” McMullin told Bream. “In Virginia 16-percentage points down. That’s a battleground state that should be close, especially against a weak candidate like Hillary Clinton. Any Republican candidate should be defeating Hillary Clinton in the polls regularly, and that’s not happening,” he stated.

Back to Trump, Evan McMullin, who entered the race just over two weeks ago, said that yes, Trump has been more on-message the past two weeks after being scripted by a teleprompter, but predicted the shift would be short lived.

Moreover, McMullin told the FOX News audience that he is the only conservative candidate in the race and slammed Trump as “not a serious candidate.”

“Yes, he’s been more on-message over the last week or so. We’ve seen that before. Eventually, he’ll go off the rails again. He is not a serious candidate. I am the only conservative in this race — I want to be very clear about that. 

It’s time for the American people. It’s time for the American people to re-evaluate — especially for conservatives — where their support is and I think to give me a chance to confront Hillary Clinton directly.”

Shannon Bream then asked McMullin to comment on Donald Trump’s latest flip-flop, his “softening” on amnesty for illegal aliens, declaring that America can do better than a candidate who says one thing to dupe voters in the primary, then changes positions altogether in the general election.

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“Before he [Trump] talked about deportation, now he’s talking about the opposite. I mean, look, this is a guy has not been and is not honest with the American people,” McMullin asserted. “We can’t have a president who lies to the American people in order to curry political favor only to have to make an 180-degree turn in a general election, which is the case now.” 

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