Evan McMullin: ‘We are Building a New Conservative Movement’ [VIDEO]

On the heels of new polling showing conservative Independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin skyrocketing to within a statistical tie in Utah, a stunning development considering the previously unknown candidate entered the race just two months ago and that no third-party presidential candidate has won a single state since 1968, McMullin told FOX’s Neil Cavuto on Thursday that even if his longshot candidacy doesn’t result in a win this go-round, he’s building a “new conservative movement” following the 2016 election.

McMullin, a former CIA counter-terrorism officer and chief House Republican policy director, told Cavuto that his meteoric rise in Utah is only a start, considering that he only has 52 percent name ID in the state, while virtually everybody knows who Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are and that momentum is growing in other key states as well.

“We’ve got plenty of room to grow. We’re finding that when people hear our message, many of them come on board and join our cause,” McMullin said, noting that people are now looking more closely at the candidates with the election less than a month away and that especially in Utah, which has a high percentage of “principled conservatives” among the electorate, Donald Trump is crashing, even though the state is extremely friendly territory for Republicans.

When asked by Cavuto if McMullin’s candidacy was simply acting as a “spoiler,” McMullin strongly disagreed, stating that “Donald Trump is a spoiler for conservatism” and a “spoiler for the Republican Party.”

McMullin said that it “was on him,” referring to Trump, that he can’t decisively defeat a weak Democrat candidate like Hillary Clinton in a state like Utah and proclaimed himself to be “the only conservative in this race.”

“I am the only conservative in this race and I’m standing for principles that this country was  founded upon and are key to our future.”

McMullin told Cavuto that “something truly magical” is happening in Utah the past four days and that online engagement in his social media has increased 1,600 percent.

“We’re seeing something truly tremendous happen. I think it’s in response to the Trump sex tapes and these other revelations about his sexual abuse — alleged — of women through time,” McMullin stated. “People are looking for another option and realizing that principles really do matter,” he contended.

Evan McMullin revealed to Cavuto that polling his campaign has obtained show him running near the same levels in the neighboring state of Idaho and believes he will do well in other states, specifically mentioning Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa, and in Virginia, where Trump has reportedly pulled out as of today.

“We are competing in this election. This election is highly, highly volatile with two major party candidates who are highly combustible. We’re catching fire right now and it’s something truly tremendous.” 

McMullin revealed that he presently has ballot access in 34 states and by election date plans on being either on the ballot or approved as a write-in candidate in 43 states or more.

“We are building a new conservative movement in this country which so badly needs it,” McMullin declared.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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