Evan McMullin: ‘Donald Trump is a Spoiler of Conservatism’ [VIDEO]

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Conservative Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who has soared into a statistical tie with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, took issue with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin trying to paint him as a “spoiler” candidate during an interview on Wednesday.

After noting that Utah runs very conservative and is usually an easy win for Republicans historically, Baldwin asked McMullin the loaded question, “Which race would you prefer spoiling?”

“Well, I’m not a spoiler — I’m a candidate,” McMullin answered. “I’m running for president just like they are and I have the same constitutional rights to run for president and we are pursuing those. And I would say that Donald Trump is a spoiler of conservatism and for the Republican Party in the great State of Utah,” he declared.

McMullin explained that the state should be an easy win for a Republican but because Trump as a candidate is “so weak” and “so flawed” that he is “performing terribly.”

In a shocking new poll, McMullin, a former CIA counter-terrorism agent and House Republican chief policy director, is at 22 percent of the vote in Utah, only four points behind Trump and Clinton, who are tied at 26 percent. The poll, conducted by Y2 Analytics on October 10-11, among 500 Utah voters, carries a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent, indicating that McMullin is in a basic statistical tie with Clinton and Trump.

In an op-ed today in The Hill, Evan McMullin explained the Utah poll numbers, which are stunning considering only 52 percent of Utah voters know who he is — much lower than Clinton or Trump, who enjoy close to 100 percent name identification.

These voters are Americans first, conservatives second, and Republicans third. They plan to vote their conscience, which means voting for the only constitutional conservative on the ballot. These voters believe in valuing all human life, limited government, free markets, and religious liberty — in a campaign that’s devoted to ideas they don’t believe in simple attacks and insults.

The voters I’ve met are also unequivocally committed to the idea that all human beings are created equal and must be treated accordingly. They reject the racism, sexism, and religious prejudice that’s defined the presidential race and has subsequently divided our nation. They believe character matters, truth is sacred, and that elected officials must serve the public interest instead of private agendas.

Utahns of all ages are determined to support a candidate who shares their values. The enthusiasm of younger voters is especially extraordinary; in their eyes, they’re not just voting for a candidate — they are starting a movement. They believe the time has come for a new generation of leadership across the United States.

McMullin told CNN’s Baldwin that he and his newly named running mate, Mindy Finn, are “standing for fundamental ideals upon which this country was founded — the idea that all people are created equal, the idea that we all have the liberty to pursue happiness and we have a right to life — these basic fundamental ideals and others in the Constitution are what we are advocating for,” he proclaimed.

Evan McMullin recently listed 13 principles he and Finn believe will put our country back on the right track, including “Our basic rights are God-given,” “Government power must be separated and balanced,” and “Our leaders must be honest and wise,” as well as advocating for protecting the life of unborn babies and protecting Second Amendment rights.

If Evan McMullin could pull off an upset win in Utah, it would truly be a historic accomplishment and something that other notable third-party candidates like John Anderson (1980), or Ross Perot (1992) or Ralph Nader (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008) were not able to do — win a state. The last third-party candidate to win a state was George Wallace in 1968.


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Matthew K. Burke
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