Evan McMullin: We Have a Leadership Crisis in This Country [VIDEO]

Evan McMullin calls for a new conservative movement and a new conservative party

Independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin, an unknown just two months ago when he came out of nowhere to launch his longshot campaign, was interviewed on This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday and told the former Clinton operative that the Republican Party is failing, Donald Trump is getting “dominated” by Hillary Clinton, that there is a “leadership crisis” in America, and that it’s time for a “new conservative movement.”

“I think they’re both terrible,” McMullin told Stephanopoulos when asked who he would prefer between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. “And I’ve described, George, what I think in this country is a leadership crisis. And I think both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the American people recognize this. These are the two most unpopular major party candidates ever to be nominated since we were measuring those kinds of sentiments. And the American people know that they — that they need better, that they deserve better,” McMullin stated.

A new Emerson College poll released on Wednesday showed Evan McMullin, a former CIA counterterrorism officer in the Middle East and chief House GOP policy director, taking the lead in the Republican-dominated state of Utah, leading Donald Trump by four points, 31 percent to 27 percent, while Hillary Clinton is in third place at 24 percent. If McMullin wins the state, he would be the first third-party candidate to win an individual state since 1968.

“It seems like there’s going to be a civil war in the Republican Party no matter what happens on November 8th,” Stephanopoulos opined.

McMullin answered that the GOP failed to learn its lesson from the 2012 presidential election and a new conservative party may be necessary to further the conservative principles that are not included in the current Republican Party.

“Yes, I think that’s true. But the reality is there was a battle after 2012 too and look where we are. Look where the Republican Party is with Donald Trump. It’s just unlikely, I believe, and Mindy [Mindy Finn, his running mate] believes, it’s unlikely that the Republican Party will be able to make the kinds of changes it needs to make after this election. These are generational problems. So maybe over time, over a number of decades, these changes can be made, but the reality is the conservative movement doesn’t have time for that. And if the Republican Party can’t make the changes, as it wasn’t able to do after 2012, the conservative movement will need a new political vehicle.

So at the very least I believe that’s a new conservative movement along the lines that I’ve described here. It may mean a new conservative party. We’ll just have to see. But Mindy and I are skeptical, sadly, that the Republican Party is going to be able to make the changes it needs to make.”

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McMullin said that the problem isn’t just with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but also with those who failed to step up and challenge them. He blamed both parties for allowing “Washington, D.C., to grow and grow to the extent that it’s depriving people of their liberties.”

“We can’t stand for this any longer. We need a new conservative movement that I think will provide the kind of leadership to this country that it needs,” Evan McMullin declared.


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