Will the Reckless Questions Two Journalists Asked Evan McMullin Make Him a Target? [VIDEO]

In one of his first major interviews this week with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and Donny Deutsch, new Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, a former CIA counter-terrorism agent, was asked bluntly by Deutsch whether he ever killed a terrorist before, a highly inappropriate question that could actually put the new presidential candidate’s life at risk.

“We haven’t had a president since George H. W. Bush, who served in the army you served in. Did you ever kill anybody?” Deutsch, a progressive leftist asked the former CIA agent.

“You know, I served in war zones and in conflict zones and part of our role at the agency was to eliminate threats and eliminate those who were posing threats to the country,” McMullin began answering. “My role was to learn about the intentions of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and the whereabouts of their operatives. And then to assist efforts to take them off the battlefield one way or another,” he said, probably hoping that would lead to a different question.

But instead, Donny Deutsch pushed further, which is normally perfectly fine, but considering there are ISIS sympathizers in America as Islamic terrorist events from Fort Hood to Orlando to San Bernardino show, forcing a public figure to admit that they’ve killed Islamic terrorists on national TV is completely irresponsible as it could have the effect of making McMullin a target, especially considering that ISIS has made it perfectly clear that they are targeting Americans who have killed their members.

Nevertheless, Deutsch irresponsibly pressed on, knowing that an affirmative answer by McMullin could put not just the presidential candidate, but also his family at risk. And if he doesn’t realize this, then he’s too stupid to be interviewing presidential candidates.

“Is that a yes?” Deutsch asked.

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“I don’t think answering that kind of question directly is the thing for me to do, but I worked very hard and served the country honorably everywhere I went,” he answered.

So you’d think that that would end it, right? Nope.

Now Mark Halperin jumped in, pressing further, actually insinuating that if he didn’t answer the question more directly, he was somehow keeping people from getting to know the previously unknown candidate. What’s perhaps even more telling is that both Deutsch and Halperin must think they can get a former CIA agent to talk. It speaks something about their intellect.

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You can watch the entire interview, should you desire, HERE, and see if you agree with these liberal hosts that McMullin was being evasive. He was actually being extremely candid and forthcoming on every other question asked by Deutsch and Halperin but Halperin actually accuses McMullin of not being “open” enough so that people can get to know him better by not divulging secretive operations from his time as a CIA agent.

What’s perhaps even more telling than their utter recklessness and journalistic malpractice is that both Deutsch and Halperin think they are so clever that they can get a former CIA agent to reveal something that he knows he shouldn’t. It speaks something about their intellect and professionalism.

It’s hard to tell what the motives were of Deutsch and Halperin. It doesn’t matter. The potential outcome is the same regardless and it’s not like McMullin has Secret Service protection. Whatever the motive, or even if there is none, both of these idiots should be thrown off the air head first for this irresponsible and reckless line of questioning.

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The Evan McMullin for President campaign announced on Thursday that they won ballot access to their first state, Colorado.


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