Evan McMullin Officially Kicks Off Campaign: ‘There is Another Choice’ [Full Speech]

Evan McMullin, 40, officially kicked off his newly announced Independent presidential campaign on Wednesday evening in his home state of Utah telling an energized crowd that “there is another choice.”

McMullin, who made his announcement on Monday, called the past 48 hours “crazy.” He has never before run for public office and had very little if any name ID before entering the race, and spent a good part of his announcement speech introducing himself.

The former CIA counter-terrorism agent explained that he began working at the CIA while in college at BYU studying international law. He told about how pivotal the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were in shaping his worldviews and how he ran covert operations against terrorist organizations and “other adversaries of freedom.”

After serving in the CIA for 11 years, McMullin explained that he graduated from the Wharton School of Business and spent time as an investment banker, working in mergers and acquisitions at the Goldman Sachs investment firm, “working with all kinds of companies, helping them thrive in the global marketplace.”

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From there, McMullin served as a senior adviser on national security issues and as a policy director for the House Republican Conference. He said during that experience he “learned what reforms this government — our government — needs so that it can be more responsive and accountable to the American people so that it listens better to the American people.”

McMullin, speaking in the state where Donald Trump got crushed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, with Cruz garnering almost 70 percent of the vote, told his home state that he was proud that the state had stood up for liberty and for American values, a thinly-veiled shot at bloviating billionaire and narcissistic reality TV actor, Donald Trump.

“I’m so grateful to you all today. I’m proud of Utah. I’m very proud of you. When many others didn’t, you stood up in the primaries. You have millions of people across the country, and indeed across the world, hope that America is still America, that liberty, tolerance, and decency are still basic core ideals of this great nation.” 

“We can defeat Islamist terrorism without violating our ideals,” Evan McMullin proclaimed. “Indeed, we must.”

“These ideals, these Amerian ideals, these universal ideals inspire broad goodwill in the hearts and minds of other nations and this leads them to cooperate with us  — to work with us — in times of peace and in war. 

This goodwill is such a vital source of American strength that we cannot allow it to be destroyed by politicians.” 

On Wednesday, the Evan McMullin for President campaign announced that they had received over 60,000 requests from voters wishing to volunteer for his campaign in just 24 hours.

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McMullin told the audience that “there is much work to be done in the next few months” and described his campaign, which was announced just 90 days before November’s election, as “unconventional.”

In several media appearances on Monday and Tuesday, McMullin explained his late entrance into the race, declaring that it’s “never too late to do the right thing,” but that he’d hoped that earlier, someone with more name ID would step up to challenge both Trump and Hillary Clinton, who are both highly unpopular among voters. However, that never happened, and thus his candidacy.

The other choices in the race, Jill Stein of the “Green” Party, is a Soviet-style socialist, while “Libertarian” candidate Gary Johnson is a pothead who admitted that gave up the drug in June to run for the presidency.

During the Libertarian Party debates, Gary Johnson revealed his anti-American belief that Christian bakers must be forced by government to violate their First Amendment rights of religious liberty by baking a homosexual wedding cake, and that a Jewish baker must be forced to bake a Nazi cake.

“It will take the hearts and minds and hands of many for success,” McMullin said.  “I invite all here tonight, as well as those that are watching elsewhere to join our cause because it is a cause of liberty. Together we will make sacrifices.”

“There is another choice and I firmly believe that the time has come in our country for a new generation of leadership together. Together, I’m confident that we will prevail her and Utah and beyond.”  

Evan McMullin broadcasted his speech live on his Facebook page, where it was viewed by more than 12,000 on Wednesday night thus far.

Watch the speech in its entirety below.

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