Evan McMullin Responds to Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs’ Hatred and Bigotry [VIDEO]

Formerly respected talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, squad leaders of the Trump cheerleading unit, came unglued this week at the prospect of previously unknown conservative Independent candidate Evan McMullin winning Utah and other Mountain West states.

Hannity went unhinged during his radio program this week, calling McMullin an “idiot” while tossing profanities so vile that his producers had to bleep him out.

“Who’s this idiot who’s running third-party that’s killing Trump out in Utah?” Hannity spewed. “Who put him up? What was it?” he asked on Wednesday.

Fox Business host set Twitter ablaze — going into full-on religious bigotry mode — when he tweeted that McMullin was a “tool” of the “Mormon mafia,” causing Dobbs to receive a good bit of mocking himself.

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Evan McMullin was asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Friday to respond to Hannity and Dobbs’ hateful attacks and the former CIA counterterrorism officer and House Republican policy director explained why he’s doing so well in states like Utah, said he was the only conservative in the race and then questioned how conservative people like Hannity and Dobbs are if they’re supporting liberal Donald Trump.

“It’s all very interesting,” McMullin said with a grin on his face after Camerota played Hannity’s clip and read Dobbs tweet. “It’s interesting these people who consider themselves so-called ‘conservatives’ — especially Sean Hannity — would so attack us.”

“You have to ask yourself, at this point, what do these men really stand for? Do they stand for conservativism? Do they stand for the timeless truths on which this country was founded? Why would they stand with Donald Trump if they’re true conservatives?”

“In fact, I think we have to ask ourselves, what does the Republican Party stand for anymore?” McMullin said.

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McMullin has said during various interviews that America needs a new conservative movement and most likely, a new conservative political party.


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