Evan McMullin: It is Time for a Divided America to Unite [VIDEO]

In an interview with Kate Bolduan on CNN Tuesday, new Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, 40, continued his media blitz, fighting the uphill battle of getting Americans to know the previously unknown candidate with less than three months before the election in November.

One of the main themes of McMullin’s message during the interview was that both highly unpopular big party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are extremely divisive and that his goal would be to unite Americans in a way that neither can.

“Everything about Donald Trump is extreme. He tries to divide Americans in the same way ISIS does, or other adversaries — the same way Vladimir Putin does. He wants to pit religion against religion, race against race. 

We’ve been a divided country for so long, Kate. It is time for us to unite. And I believe that both candidates of the major parties — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — in their own and different ways are dividing this country. 

I believe that I can unite this country. I believe that Americans want to be united. I believe there’s a great desire for that among most Americans and that’s what we hope to provide is a way forward in that regard.”

McMullin, a former CIA counter-terrorism officer and Chief House Republican Policy Adviser, said that one of the paths to victory for his campaign would be to stop both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from reaching the 270 electoral vote threshold necessary to win the election, which would then toss the race into the U.S. House of Representatives, as per the Constitution.

When Bolduan pointed out that the last time that happened was in 1824, McMullin responded:

“But when was the last time we had a political situation like this and a campaign like this? This is an election season unlike any other. Again, 42 percent of Americans are Independent, only 28 percent say they affiliate with the Democratic Party, only 28 percent say they affiliate with the Republicans, so we’re in new waters here that we haven’t seen in a long time.”

A recent Gallup poll suggests a whopping 82 percent of Americans are “dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time,” an increase of 13 percent from just one month ago, a stat Evan McMullian has quoted in prior interviews.

In a FOX News interview on Monday, McMullian said that Trump is in the “middle of a serious meltdown,” and may not even “make it through” until the election in November.

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McMullin announced that he has already obtained ballot access to two states, Colorado and Utah.


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