Even CNN Isn’t Buying Hillary’s Claim of Trying to Join the Marines


Did Hillary Clinton really try to join the Marines? She first made the claim in 1994 when there were far fewer methods of fact-checking. Now, with the internet, the public can apply pressure to public figures like Brian Williams, the NBC anchor who infamously repeated tall tales that were verifiable thanks to the power of communication made possible by the internet.

The mainstream media has willingly complied with each of Hillary’s preferred narratives. Few question why she lied about Benghazi; even fewer are willing to call-her-out for her criminal acts with regards to her email scandal.

Still, this same media is willing to scrutinize Marco Rubio’s boat, a weak, libelous story about Chris Christie’s temper and, of course, Ben Carson’s history of academic excellence.

Hillary’s claim that she attempted to join the Marines is pathetic. Her narrative is meant to highlight the supposed inequality facing women looking to do a traditionally “man’s job,” but by her own admission, she was turned-down because of poor eyesight.

So, even if her story is true- and that’s a big if– the central moral of the story fails to illustrate her point. Even if we believe that this young lawyer who had just hitched her wagon to the up-and-comer Bill Clinton wished to leave it all behind to join the Marines, by her own admission, Hillary was turned-down because she possessed poor eyesight at a time before Lasik.

Somehow, this personal tale is supposed to emphasize some sort of super, ultra-ultra clandestine breed of institutional sexism.

Her story is so weak, even the fawning followers at CNN have a hard time swallowing this one.

Recently, CNN senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny offered in his analysis the closest thing CNN has to criticism of a liberal politician.

“We asked her campaign for just a few more details on this,” Zeleny said. “It seems so unusual that a Yale-educated lawyer who worked on the anti- war campaigns of [Eugene] McCarthy and [George] McGovern, who had just moved to Arkansas, whose husband was about to become the attorney general of the state, would decide to want to join the Marines. But the campaign said they’re not going to add any more comment onto this.”

Zeleny also noted,

“So it’s one of those anecdotes that a candidate throws out and we often move on. Again, we’ve tried to ask some more questions about this to understand, if it’s possible, why she would have wanted to try and join the Marines after just moving to Arkansas.”

“We often move on.” That has become the ethos for journalism in America. If a candidate is caught lying, they simply evade until the mainstream media just shrugs-it-off.

Well… unless it’s a Republican, of course. That’s why we’re still hearing about Ben Carson’s West Point connection at a time when Hillary, a proven repeated liar, has been given a pass.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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