EXCLUSIVE: John McCain Primary Opponent Alex Meluskey Just Hit Him Where it Hurts the Most

RINO Arizona Senator John McCain, 79, is up for re-election in 2016, which means it’s now again time for the entrenched, establishment-backed McCain to start sounding like the principled conservative that he is not.

PolitiStick had the opportunity to exclusively interview one of McCain’s Republican primary opponents, small businessman, radio host and FAIR tax champion Alex Meluskey, who is running a grassroots campaign in the same vein of Dave Brat’s historic 2014 takedown of Eric Cantor.

Some of the issues that are extremely important to American voters, especially with voters in Arizona, are the issues of illegal immigration, border security, and amnesty, areas where McCain has been a huge disappointment to Arizona voters.

“Border security and immigration are two separate, but related issues — kind of like cousins. They do go hand-in-hand, but they are separate. Our border absolutely needs to be secure,” Meluskey, who is a printer by trade, said. “There is no reason it should be as porous as it is,” he said, going on explain that the cost of building a border security fence is negligible compared to the costs of massive illegal immigration and that the the major problem with existing immigration laws is that they are not being enforced.

“Think about it…110 years ago, how did we all come across the system?” Meluskey, whose campaign motto is “Principles, NOT Politics,” asked. “Legally — We did it legally and it benefited the citizens of the United States of America. It benefited the immigrants too,” he asserted.

When asked about McCain’s 2010 campaign promise, done in a campaign ad while walking along the porous border with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, with McCain saying he would make sure we “build the danged fence,” Meluskey offered a stinging rebuke, wondering if McCain is so powerful, then why can’t he fulfill this campaign promise to the Arizona voters:

“For a man that has 32 years in Washington, D.C., four in the House and 28 in the Senate — I keep hearing that he’s a very powerful and influential man — I’m doubting his power or influence in getting things done. It would either tell me that he has none, or he has no interest, and it’s empty promises. So let the people decide from there to cast their vote on which way it is.”

“On immigration, it seems like he’s [McCain is] more about amnesty,” Meluskey continued. “I’m sorry, but a broken law is a broken law. Why should my ancestors have to go through the system, wait their time to become U.S. citizens, learn the English language, pledge to a flag, and then others don’t have to?” he asked rhetorically.

Meluskey said with emphasis that “it does not benefit illegal aliens to come through the way they are. It’s a subculture. It does not help them,” he asserted, while explaining that his ancestors did it the right way, assimilating, and now future generations in his family, himself included, have greatly benefited from coming to America the legal way.

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“Because of their hard work — my grandfather worked the copper mines in Arizona — their son grew up speaking English, did very well in school, has a law degree — just followed the American dream because his parents put in the work in front of them,” he said.

When asked if there was a problem with assimilation, Meluskey said that there “absolutely” is.

“Because people come in here illegally and not through the proper channels, it’s breaking down the strength of our country. It does the children of illegal aliens no help for their parents not to pledge to the flag, to not assimilate to our culture. And it doesn’t mean get rid of where you’re from. It doesn’t mean throw away your past. It means grow. We all do much better when we can communicate — when we can all work together. It’s common sense.”

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In regards to the religious persecution of Kentucky Christian woman Kim Davis, who was tyrannically jailed for refusing to abide by the Supreme Court’s royal edict on homosexual marriage, I asked Meluskey whether the high court had, in his opinion, the authority to change the definition of the word “marriage” to something other than a union between one man and one woman.

“I don’t like where the Supreme Court went there,” Meluskey responded. “I question if they are a judicial system or a social system at this point,” he said, while reminding that the right to religious liberty is a first freedom constitutionally.

Shifting to big government, Alex Muluskey was asked if there are specific government bureaucracies that he would not just cut, but would be in favor of completely eliminating, because they are not an enumerated power of the federal government in the U.S. Constitution, he responded, that there are, “even if they might have come into play as potentially a noble idea.”

“Many of our government agencies outlast their use. They’re not run in a business model. I’ll name a few, absolutely. I’m not a fan of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That’s absolutely one. The Department of Education is another.”

“I’ve always believed that our states need to have more control than our federal government as far as what’s going on in the community,” Meluskey said, opining that education is done best at the local level and that Common Core, “makes no sense to me at all.”

On the VA scandal, a huge and tragic story that erupted at the Phoenix VA in 2014, where greedy and corrupt administers were shown to have falsified records which highly understated wait times in order to garner bonuses, and that dozens of veterans had died waiting for care.

Meluskey said that other than using veterans as photo-ops, McCain really hasn’t accomplished much for their benefit.

“As a former vet, I would have thought he’d be much more in tune and — going to bat — and fighting for — making a stink for his brothers in arms,” Meluskey said when responding about McCain, who attempts to paint himself as a champion of veterans.  “It seems like he’s all but abandoned them except for just a little bit of face time here and there,” he explained.

“If we want any future of having any military force, we have to take care of those who have served,” he proclaimed. “It embarrasses me that we do a pretty darn good job of having the most powerful military in the world, and then once they’ve had their use, it seems like they’re just discarded.”

“Why aren’t we giving them the very best?” Meluskey asked.

McCain is also being challenged by Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward in the 2016 GOP primary. We hope to be able to interview Ward at a later date.

It’s a very difficult achievement for a citizen to run against and defeat a big-moneyed establishment RINO like John McCain, but as was the case with Virginia’s Eric Cantor, who at the time was the second most powerful man in the U.S. Congress, when another non-politician, Dave Brat, came out of nowhere and crushed Cantor, it is not impossible.

Keep in mind that in the top slots in almost all presidential polls of GOP candidates are either non-politicians and/or anti-establishment types like Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina. Establishment, big government Republicans like Bush, Christie, Graham and Kasich are suffering.

So when Americans finally wake up and get tired of being lied to by the political ruling class, as they did in Virginia, anything can happen.

Maybe David really could defeat Goliath this time around.




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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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