EXCLUSIVE: RINO John Boehner’s Primary Opponent J.D. Winteregg: ‘He Fights Harder Against Conservatives than He Does Obama and the Left’

J.D. Winteregg is running a grassroots “David vs. Goliath” campaign against establishment RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner, attempting the gargantuan task of unseating the entrenched Boehner in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District in 2016.

As was Congressman Dave Brat, who stunned the world in historic fashion, taking down the number two man in GOP House leadership, RINO Eric Cantor, J.D. Winteregg is a former educator — a non-politician — who got fed up watching Republican Party leaders say one thing to get elected, only to do precisely the opposite after getting into office.

Winteregg ran against Boehner in 2014, and with very little money or name identification, embarrassed the speaker by the surprising support he received against the big-moneyed elitist Boehner, who has been in Washington, D.C., the past quarter of a century.

This week, I had the opportunity to interview J.D. Winteregg about a variety of topics, including why he’s running and what he would fight for when elected.

On Thursday, we reported that John Boehner called constitutional conservative and presidential candidate Ted Cruz a “jackass,” and I asked Winteregg why Boehner would say such a thing since he’s often talked about bringing a new civil tone to political discourse in Washington. Winteregg estimated that Boehner is a “bully” who’s afraid that he’s losing power and is threatened by Cruz taking on what Cruz refers to as the “Washington Cartel.”

“Maybe it’s a sense of fear that he’s losing power as a leader. The fact of the matter is — he’s just a bully,” Winteregg replied. “Anyone who opposes him, or goes against him, he does what he can to either remove them from their seat, to belittle them in public, to attack them,” he said, a tactic of Boehner’s which can be documented here and here and here.

Winteregg said that he hopes Cruz will endorse him, the only declared GOP opponent in the primary against Boehner.

Winteregg reflected on his first challenge to Boehner, and the laundry list of Boehner’s broken promises. He even took issue with Boehner’s previous campaign slogan and accused Boehner of “fighting for team Obama more than he’s fighting for Republicans and conservatives.”

“It’s funny, last time he ran, his slogan was ‘One of us fighting for us,’ causing us to ask, ‘who us is?’ And I think at this point he’s fighting for team Obama more than he’s fighting for Republicans and conservatives. He [Boehner] fights harder against the conservatives than he does Obama and the left.”

When asked to name specific examples of Boehner’s broken promises — issues where Boehner caved and/or fought for leftist issues, J.D. Winteregg cited the debt ceiling, Obamacare, the trashing of Ted Cruz, funding Obama’s illegal amnesty, and giving up the power of the purse to Obama.

“Take your pick. You’ve got the debt ceiling; you’ve got Obamacare that he said originally ‘not one dime would go to funding it,’ but then funded it, and then trashed [Ted] Cruz for attempting to stop it. You’ve got the executive amnesty orders that he promised us if we gave them [the GOP], the House and Senate he would fight ‘tooth and nail‘ against them. And the first thing he does is give away all the negotiating chips and then attacks conservatives. It’s just on and on. It’s a routine thing — that’s his MO.”

“I think he’s more concerned about furthering his power than he is doing anything substantial to help regular Americans,” Winteregg said, before summarizing the reason he’s deciding to take on Boehner again.

“I would say they’re fighting for the wrong team. It’s frustrating because Boehner says ‘we need to come out and be team players — we’re a family.’ And then, he attacks his family members — his team. I don’t think he’s even on our team. That’s the reason why I’m running.”

Earlier this week, Barack Obama referred to Republicans who oppose his Iran nuclear deal as “crazies.” When I asked Winteregg if he sees a difference between RINO Boehner calling principled constitutional conservative Ted Cruz a “jackass,” Winteregg answered. “I don’t.”

“Obama’s obviously doing what he can to dismantle the constitutional governance we had in this country and one of their tactics is to personally attack them and to bully the people who oppose them,” he explained.

Winteregg then blasted Boehner, using terminology often used to describe Obama’s foreign policy, “leading from behind.”

“This talk about how Obama leads from behind — all these things that Boehner emulates — he bullies people, he leads from behind. When you think of that image ‘leading from behind,’ what’s the only way to get people to move forward? It’s done at the end of a whip,” he said. “We need someone who’s in front of everyone and that’s not what we have in Boehner at all.”

Winteregg said that, if elected, he would fight hard to overturn the Obama agenda, seeing that as his highest priority.

“He’s done so much to dismantle our country — to dismantle our free market system,” he said generically before getting into specifics, saying he would fight to get rid of Obamacare and taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, tackling the IRS and the tax code, as well as getting rid of the federal Department of Education.

Winteregg said that Obama has worked to get the federal government more and more “involved in every aspect of our lives.” When asked what other unnecessary federal bureaucracies Winteregg would fight to not just cut, but completely eliminate, he answered, “Most of them,” with a chuckle.

“There’s not really any constitutional basis for that amount of interruption in our lives. If you step back and look at the people who are in office — look at the people running things. They’re lifelong politicians. They have no real life experience, yet they think they can run our lives better than we do. It’s just insane to me.”

A new August poll by Gallup indicated that both John Boehner and establishment RINO Senate Leader “Obama’s” Mitch McConnell are facing a growing problem of bipartisan discontent among Americans, showing that their “go along to get along” attitude with the dictatorial Obama regime and radical leftist Democrats is backfiring.

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Winteregg will no doubt face the narrative that it’s impossible to defeat someone of big-moneyed Boehner’s political power by someone underfunded and not politically well-connected.

Keep in mind this was exactly what was said initially about Dave Brat’s epic takedown of Eric Cantor in Virginia. They now refer to Mr. Brat as “Congressman.”


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