EXPOSED! How the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is the Largest Money Laundering Operation in U.S. History [VIDEO]

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That’s right folks. The Clinton Foundation is the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. History. Hillary Clinton thought she could just skate through the Benghazi scandal high-fiving her way to the nomination.

Then she thought if she could stonewall the Emailgate investigation long enough to get elected president, she could then use her “executive privilege” to squash the investigation.

But she didn’t count on folks like myself in the new media, nor did she ever think Bernie Sanders, an admitted and committed socialist masquerading as an “independent,” would play the role of Barack Obama in 2016.

I go through this latest scandal in a way nobody else in the media has (WATCH VIDEO ABOVE).

Common Core is supposed to be about the children. It is supposed to be about raising the standards of education. It is anything but. Investigative reporter James O’ Keefe, who I have had the pleasure to interview, put out a new undercover video PROVING that Common Core has NEVER been about the children and only about the money.

And finally, I go through the president’s latest — and thankfully final — State of the Union address which was more like a national exercise in Soviet-style brainwashing. I was joined by former five-term recovering Congressman and former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo as we discussed the REAL State of our Union.

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Josh Bernstein
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Josh Bernstein
Josh Bernstein
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