FAIL: FBI Head Tries to Explain EmailGate Doc Dump on Friday Before 3-Day Weekend

One of the sleaziest tactics in politics is the release of damaging news to a presidential administration on the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend when most Americans won’t be paying attention and much of the media is on hiatus, with the hope that by the following Tuesday new news will overshadow the damaging news dump information.

It’s a tactic that was perfected in — are you sitting down? — the Bill Clinton administration in the 1990’s, and it continues to be used to this very day. Why? Because it works.

On Friday, Obama FBI Director James Comey tried to explain away his decision to dump FBI notes taken from the June interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her EmailGate scandal. The notes revealed several damaging points from the interview, such as Hillary answering 39 times “I don’t recall” (another famous Clinton scandal cover-up tactic), her outlandish claim that she had no idea the “C” marking on documents stood for confidential, that her aides actually crushed many of her multiple electronic devices with hammers (remember when she said only one device was used?), and that she obstructed justice by scrubbing her rogue email server after  the New York Times broke the story in March 2015 about her refusal to conduct government business on a secure government email server during her time as the Obama secretary of state.

On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey tried to explain why he chose of all days, the Friday before a holiday weekend, to release the FBI notes of Hillary’s interview and his explanation is devoid of logic, reason, or honesty.

As The Hill reported, James Comey actually argued that the reason he did the document dump when he did was that he didn’t want to politicize the handling of the documents.

No, really!

FBI Director James Comey responded Wednesday to accusations that the agency played politics with the timing of the release of a report detailing the Hillary Clinton email investigation, saying he doesn’t “play games.”

Comey has faced criticism from Republicans such as Speaker Paul Ryan, who questioned releasing the documents before a holiday weekend.

“I almost ordered the material held until Tuesday because I knew we would take all kinds of grief for releasing it before a holiday weekend, but my judgment was that we had promised transparency and it would be game-playing to withhold it from the public just to avoid folks saying stuff about us,” Comey said in a memo to employees Wednesday, according to CNN.

“We don’t play games. So we released it Friday. We are continuing to process more material and will release batches of documents as they are ready, no matter the day of the week.”

Seriously, he didn’t want to “play games,” so that’s why the timing of the release is playing the ultimate game, as described at the top of this story?

These people must be secretly laughing behind our backs at how stupid and gullible we are to allow them to get away with telling such bald-faced lies. How stupid does he think we are?

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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