Family of Disabled White Teen Abducted and Tortured by 4 Blacks in Chicago Speaks Out for the First Time

Family of white special needs student tortured by four blacks in Chicago speaks out.

Earlier this week, the country was horrified when a video of the torturing of a white special needs 18-year-old boy by four blacks was streamed live on Facebook. On Thursday, Chicago police arrested four blacks, two men and two women, for the heinous crime and charged them with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, among other charges.

The four charged have been identified as Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper and Brittany Covington, who are all 18, and 24-year-old Tanishia Covington. They face up to 30-years in prison if convicted.

On Thursday, the family of the victim, whose name has not yet been released, spoke out for the first time about what happened to their loved one as well as his current condition.

A press conference with the family was held at a Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The victim’s brother-in-law, David Boyd, spoke to reporters with the family standing behind him in support. (video below)

“We’re so grateful for all the prayers and efforts that led to the safe return of our brother. We are fully aware of the charges being brought against the offenders. At this time, we ask for continued prayers for all those involved, for our family’s privacy as we cope and heal. We would also like to thank the Streamwood and Chicago police departments for their help.”

On the condition of his brother, the victim of the torture, he said, “He’s doing well — as well as he could be at this time.” He also shared that the family is trying to stick together as a family added somberly that everyone has seen the video.

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The FB Live video showed their brother with his hands tied behind his back and his mouth taped shut. He was held and tortured for hours as his torturers repeatedly hit him, berated him, ripped off his clothing, and sliced him with a knife. At one point, they even cut his hair to the scalp making him bleed and forced him to drink water from the toilet. Throughout the video, the thugs were laughing, calling him goofy, and saying “Fuck Donald Trump, nigga! Fuck white people, boy!”

Please pray for the recovery of the victim, for the family, and that justice will be served to these animals who committed this heinous act of torture.

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